Who would star in a Borderline Personality Movie?

Here’s a post on a lighter note: who would star in a movie with BPD as its central theme? More importantly, how would the story be told? Would it be sensational and overly dramatic, or more factual in its approach to BPD? I actually think a movie about a character with BPD is long overdue. There’s be movies about autistic savants, schizophrenics, and of course about every movie about a serial killer revolves around some psychotic character. Unfortunately, there hasn’t be much mention of BPD in mainstream media, save a passing thought on Law and Order: SVU, the Discovery Channel, and the typical armchair talk shows like Dr. Phil.

If I were doing a movie on BPD, I’d suggest a plot that develops over the childhood and early adulthood of a particular character. BPD is generally most apparent in the late adolescent/young adult period, so I think this chronology would impress the audience the most. Further, I would want something that features BPD; and not just a sub-plot or supporting character that the audience sees once or twice.

Here are my candidates for the cast of a BPD movie. They are right off the cuff and just random thoughts. In reality, there´s probably dozens of actors that could portray BPD on the big screen. I just think the following would probably do it the best:

Female Leading Actresses:

  • Meryl Streep – She would make the perfect middle aged person coming out of depression or BPD. If she was casted, I would stipulate that a younger actress portray early adulthood first, to establish a baseline for Streep to work with.
  • Marcia Gay Harden – She has the appearance of a struggling mother/divorcee, and I think she would be perfect as a BPD sufferer.
  • Mariska Hargitay – The famed actress from Law and Order SVU could easily portray a sexy female afflicted with BPD. Hargitay also has the ability to convey genuine emotions, and this would be central to the any BPD role.
  • Anne Hathaway – Although she’s usually type cast in Jane Eyre style roles, I think she could do a good job as a mid-30s woman trying to keep her life together despite being ravaged by BPD and depression. She would connect with some women immediately.
  • Angelina Jolie – Jolie is always at the top of any list for just about ANY movie, but I think a BPD role would be one of her finest. She combines sensuality, disillusionment, and anger in a very unique way, and this talent would serve her well in a BPD drama.

Male Leading Actrors:

This list was a little harder to create, in part because Male BPD takes on some different characteristics from female sufferers. All in all, however, there is much in common between both sexes.

  • Sean Penn – He can be witty, hysterical, angry, and ambitious. I think he would do well as a BPD male living with depression and perhaps a drug or alcohol addiction. He would be a perfect divorced father trying to keep his life in order.
  • Tom Cruise – Cruise has the over developed ego that might kid the audience into thinking he´s suffering from Narcissistic disorder, when in fact I think he could pull off BPD quite well.
  • Mickey Rourke – Although he wouldn’t fit the mold of a sophisticated BPD sufferer, Rourke could easily portray a regular guy with a substance abuse problem fighting BPD at the same time. He connects with audiences in places where the more photogenic male leads don’t.
  • Andy Garcia – Probably one of the most underrated actors of all time, Garcia has portrayed characters in a number of psychological dramas. He would make a great BPD father or son with a short fuse and emotional disturbances.

That’s it for now, anyone care to add some others to the list?

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  1. Actually Girl, Interrupted (starring Winona Rider and Angelina Jolie) is about Rider’s character being institutionalized in the 60’s for her BPD.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for that! Sorry it completely slipped my mind. Winona Ryder would definitely do well in such a role.

  3. Wow, interesting blog post. I actually just watched Girl, Interrupted for the first time last night. I was amazed at how much it reminded me of my own experience with BPD. But it would be interesting for a movie to be made about the development and daily struggles of someone with BPD, not just their experience in a mental institution. I kind of think Ellen Page has a certain maturity and style that would allow her to play someone with BPD quite well. And I’m thinking Leonardo di Caprio for a male portrayal? (Maybe that was the first male actor to come to mind because I just saw Shutter Island lol – he did incredibly well in that movie).

  4. Actually, Angelina Jolie did play a borderline in Gia. It’s about a supermodel (Jolie) who struggles with abandonment issues and falls into heroin addiction.

  5. both margot at the wedding and rachel getting married feature what seem to be bpd characters. Nicole Kidman’s in Margot and Anne Hathaway’s in Rachel..

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