Easily bored, no energy, no motivation to do anything

Lately I’ve been very easily bored. I think this is a symptom of depression. At the same time, I have no motivation or interest to do anything to occupy my time.

The feeling of boredom is at its worse when I’m using my computer. As I’ve written in other posts, I make a living marketing websites. I create websites from scratch, and then join affiliate marketing programs that resell products or services. Money is made when a customer visits my website, clicks on a banner, and then makes a purchase at the participating merchant.

Part of my daily routine is checking to see if I’ve made money at any of the merchants, since the stats update every 24 hours. After logging into my email and taking care of all important correspondence, I surf through the various affiliate programs checking my earnings.

I get a little rush if I see that I’ve had an increase in earnings in a given week, or if I see that I’ve been able to garner a higher number of ad impressions or user clicks.

The problem is, this routine of checking my earnings takes all of 15 minutes. After that, I don’t know what to do with myself, because there is nothing else for me to do that gives me such positive rush like checking weekly earning reports.

As a result, unless I can get motivated to work on maintaining my websites, or writing scripts for my servers, I simply stare at the computer screen blankly and do absolutely nothing.

It’s as if the only thing I had to look forward to for the day was 15 minutes of checking income figures.

Sometimes I have projects to do and kill the rest of my day taking care of these tasks, but days that are not structured generally find me bored to teers, but listless at the same time.

If I was more extroverted and energetic, I’d get myself out to the gym (like I used to do) or out of my apartment to the local mall to browse stores.

Instead, I simply take 1-2 hour naps to pass time, eat recreationally, and watch mindless TV.

If I could find a pill that would give me a boost of energy I would take it in a heart beat.

The worst part is, when I retire for the day and head to bed, suddenly my mind seems to “wake up” and is full of running thoughts.

This makes it near impossible to get to sleep. I find that if I can’t get to bed by 4 AM, I have to take a Klonopin to quiet my mind. A small dosage will usually help me off to sleep, but when I wake up the next day, I’m usually tired and lethargic.

I need to find ways to get my energy and positive emotion gears turning. Most importantly, I need to find ways to create a day for myself that provides lots of different things to look forward to, so that I simply don’t sleep my day away out of boredom and depression.

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  1. Um..yeah,well I think that we all feel that way from time to time, including myself. Unfortunately there is no pill to cure this lazy, empty, tired feeling. I think that its simply this: The body is sluggish. It is crying out for some exercise!! Get those limbs moving, get your heart pumping, your blood moving around, pores sweating!! This will inturn energise you, creating fresh thoughts and sensations. And cleanse your body with Water, drinks more of it. I know this all sounds like boring crap that we’ve all heard before, but there is a lot to be said for exercise. Sometimes we are just simply lazy. Its a fact of life. Go treat your body to something really active! (if you want)
    another lazy person who knows that she also needs more exercise.

  2. if u are extremely bored and still don’t want to get up and exercise try creating a plan to take ovr the wrld or making the world a better place.

  3. Sounds like your stuck in a rut, you need to get out of your apartment and feel the fresh air and the bright warm sun. Anyhow if that doesn’t work you go down to 7-11 and buy yourself a SPIKE its in a black can WOW i drink it like clockwork everymorning to wake up. try it


  4. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂 I’ll remember to grab a SPIKE next time I’m in the store.

    I know for sure Costa Rica has Red Bull, but it would be cool to try something different.

  5. Hey, i know what you are feeling.
    I get in ruts frequently like this, but i find ways to break them. Take up a new hobby, delve into something i used to do, get a book (don’t know how you feel about reading), or i exercise, even if its just a walk around town, biking, jumping around with little kids, or something else minimal.
    If i don’t get in some kind of physical activity i find it next to impossible to sleep at night. Our society ahs become lazy, myself included and its hard to find motivation to do things that require any effort. I can’t count the days i’ve spent doing nothing but messing on my comptuer and really not gotten anything out of it. I’m too old for the games and things i used to do on here and find it just a waste of my time, but i frequently don’t feel like doing anythign else.
    Join a club, find a charity, do something that holds you accountable for going and doing something else.
    One more thing, I know it sounds silly, but if you wake up in the morning and stop snoozing your alarm and say its a brand new day, time to get started! i find it helps. I’m always in a better day if i just get up instead of snoozing hte alarm and putting off the start of a new day.
    Hope that helps

  6. Hey i know its off topic, but I feel the same way you do as well, but really want to get into what you do for a living, I have 2 children whom i take care of while the wife is at work and looking to do some more with my time. How do you get into what you are doing for a living, we might as well suffer together. Email me back at scotthunt@shaw.ca


  7. Hey man I can relate. Check out Sluggish Congitive Tempo sometime I think it will be eyelifting. It was for me. The acronym is SCT. Actually Wikipedia it

  8. I know exactly how you feel. the thing is that you just cant shake it, no matter how hard you try or what you do you still feel the same. ive struggled for this for a while. I suggest you go to a doctor or better yet a psychologist. Some times people are lazy but if you really feel like this alot you could have a problem. In conditions such as depression and ADHD, the chemical balance in the brain is not correct. there are a lot of medicines that can help this. Im on wellbutrin which is usually prescribed for deppression and it has helped alot, it took away that bored restless feeling, i dont watch the clock anymore, but i can immerse myself in whatever im doing.
    Also, ADHD can directly affect you motivation and ability to concentrate on one thing for extended amount of time. Get checked out, believe me, i used to never think that stuff really worked, but im glad i got help. Things are alot better now for me, i just feel normal!

  9. I feel the same way. My doctor did some bloodwork, and all came back okay. I tried effexor, zanax, celexa, and a few others. I did prescription to help me sleep. So, at least I feel more rested, but I still have no motivation, energy, desire to go anywhere or do anything ( except, work, of course). Getting the doctors to give prescriptions to do hormonal bloodwork, or ADHD diagnosis, or ADHD medications is like pulling teeth. For ADD, I have to go to special doctors that are miles away or not covered by my insurance. And I have no energy to pursue it. :-/ I try to take vitamins, make plans to go out ( then either cancel or not really enjoy myself when I go). I feel like a robot – sleep, work, bit of housework, sleep, work, etc etc,,,,,. Problem with being n a rut is we can’t get out. Most of us like this know what we should do, but physically we can’t. And THAT makes it worse !

  10. Mike, that’s not true at all. I’m prescribed to adderall, and it doesn’t help with my motivation whatsoever. Just helps you stay focused.
    Sounds like you could be suffering from depression, I think I am as well.

  11. I’m suffering from the same afflictions as the people above. The funny thing is, I know the answer to fix it (at least what worked for me in the past)…

    The unfortunate kicker is, it took a horrible relationship break up to ignite my fire. I was lethargic, non-motivated (in my personal life; not business), overweight; which in turn made my self confidence go down the crapper; and that is just the beginning of the domino effect.

    That break up motivated me to read a book called body for life (suggested to my by my Doctor when I asked him for help). It sparked a full emotional and physical overhaul. I had gotten in the best shape of my life; it gave me the knowledge, and strength to pull myself out of my rut.

    After completing such a feet, I promised myself I’d never let myself get back to the way I was, but sure enough about 6 years later; here I am.

    My current relationship is on “auto pilot”, so I don’t have that same catalyst (or fire)to ignite my will to strength train, run, diet, etc. as I once did.

    Here I am one again, looking in the mirror, disgusted with myself, knowing a change has to come soon; or else.

    I guess I’ll write back to share when I find new resolution.

    “Till then…


  12. I can relate to all above.
    I have been on the medication, visited therapists, exercised etc etc.
    But with-out the reason ‘why’ there was no true motivation.
    What really made a difference for me was working on ‘what life is all about’
    I asked myself what is happiness? Then I sought the answers. This began a journey which I continue today.
    I started by studying some books and videos from the library and developing my own philosophies about life. I found getting a firm grasp on my spiritualism (not to be mixed with religion) helped me also.

    I am still learning how to deal with my depresive cycles but now recognize them for what they are, and know they will pass eventually.
    Everyone gets them just some people get them harder.

    One of my philosophies which help me:
    I am responsible for everything in my life.

    Eventually I replaced medication with meditation. Medication has a place to mask the problem to give you respite to get yourself together. It is usually not an answer in it’s self.

    Good luck on your journey and remember:
    All the events of life are important, like a chain with many links, remove a link and the chain is incomplete. Every moment in my life whether challenging or easy, elating or demoralizing, lonely or full have all happened to help make me the fantastic person I am today and this is the best person I can possibly be at this point of time given my experiences, environment and knowledge of the world.

  13. Hi Empathy,

    Thanks so much for your comment! Your ideas about finding a level of inner peace within yourself can certainly help on those days when we’re feeling down and without hope. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  14. It has to do with your brain releasing dopamine and all the other stuff that makes you feel good. Some of our bodies have a harder time doing just that. For me, a simple phone call of good news and I am dancing on the floor ready to conquer the world. You just have to create that kind of environment. When you see those numbers and the anticipation of making money your brain releases those good chemicals and energizes you. You can turn them on by competition, challenges, life coaches, hiring a 24/7 trainer (lol) or maybe just finding a new love or even a new pet! There are no fixes other than finding your own answers. ADD and depression can be helped tremendously if we can see ourselves and try all you can and imagine. Albert Einstein was asked how he knew something would work. He said that he didn’t. But he knew a thousand things that didn’t. Love the world and find pleasure with all that touches your life…good luck.

  15. I just came accross your blog because I am feeling the exact same way. I am in a rut and prefer to sleep, sleep, sleep. I live in Canada and the winter is just dragging me down. I blame the weather alot for my mood, so cold and very little sunshine. I’m so lazy and unmotivated. I’ve also noticed that i get worse if I spend too much time on the computer. Has your mood changed any since posting?

  16. I have a lifestyle similar to yourself – and have had similar thoughts. Yes there is emptiness here. There is emptiness in computers. However emptiness does have some rewards.

    I offer you no advice. In my life and I mean this, I’ve accepted the void as a friend. Took a while to learn to piss a day away doing nothing and to have no guilt or fear or worry over where my life was going. I really had to open up my mind to the concept that it’s going nowhere and I couldn’t be happier about it. I gave up worrying about changing. I now live my life in spite of change or advice from others. When I feel boredom enter I greet it, tell it to have a seat in front of the telly and ask what channel it wants to watch. I have never felt more free. Sure I’m not going to change the world or leave a mark, but then I never wanted to. Time is mine and I will do with it as I please whilst I have it.

  17. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your comment! Your thoughts are actually very valid and provide an interesting take on the boredom that comes with solo work. Accepting certain circumstances of life is one step towards sanity.

  18. I’ve grown out of touch with feelings all together. It’s as if my spectrum of emotions has shrunk to a simple sad, bored, and entertained. I can’t recall the last time I had a burning sensation to do anything. The chair, couch, and floor have become extensions of my body. When I try and get out of this rut I can’t do it in a moderate fashion, I’m obsessive. Maybe I do this to give off the impression to others that I work hard, when really my only intention is to stop. As a result of feeling empty and worthless I don’t eat, won’t sleep for days, It’s as if I think the pain from these stupid acts will count towards something. My advice, surround yourself with people that rely on you. Offer to pick up a friends kid form school, pets, clean your grandparents house. Make yourself important to another person. Anyways I’m not in any position to give such advice but you never know what might stick with someone.

  19. Hi Galen,

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. The idea about surrounding yourself with plenty of social connections (even if it’s only for chores) is a good idea and a great place to start.

  20. Hey I just wanted to let you know that everyone goes through times like this and that there is hope in getting yourself out of this rut! I have experienced this type of thing before and basically I said to myself “Do you want to sit her and wait in a unhappy life or go out and do something with your life?” Maybe this question will help you. I truely hope you find out what you want to do in life and what makes you happy 🙂

  21. Yeah I’m in this boat too… I honestly don’t believe there is much to be said other than that there is really no solution for some of us at all. I am apathetic towards life in general, the only thing I really care about is the idea that I don’t care about anything. I’m a massive underachiever. I know that some say you can just change your lifestyle and everything gets better.
    I have a beautiful girlfriend who I predict will lose interest in my lethargic self, I work out everyday simply because it has become habit, nothing makes me feel better. Nothing makes me care, at least not about what we are “supposed” to care about. We live in a world where work is everything, uninteresting work that is necessary to our continued comfort. Sometimes I wish I was dead, I’d probably kill myself to save me the misery that lies within effort, but I couldn’t do that to those who care about me, or I would. Life is like a battle against boring shit everyday, with no reward. I know the next day will simply throw more shit my direction, so why bother doing anything. I don’t feel super unhappy, but I don’t ever feel good either. I feel nothing. I have the potential to do anything, I have girls throwing themselves at my feet, and I have a long list of great friends, but when it really comes down to it, I don’t care. I simply do not have mental energy in any way whatsoever. Exercise doesn’t do anything, I know that when it comes down to it, life has no purpose at all, I have no purpose or reason, what would be the good in having energy anyways if you just simply “live.”

    Many of you do not even understand where I am coming from, and never could. It boils down to chemical imbalances perhaps, who knows. My reality is shit, because I have two choices: work and be miserable and comfortable, or do nothing and be poor, miserable, and uncomfortable.

    I would rather die than do shit I hate everyday for the rest of my life. None of this is simply a matter of attitude, an unsatisfactory lifestyle, or anything I can change. It just is and I fucking hate it. I guess I’ll burn out on drugs and die, nothing better to do anyways really.

  22. Stefan,

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. Boredom can come at people from many different angles, no matter what your personal, social, of physical condition is.

    Boredom can be a symptom of depression, but it’s really up to a doctor to decide what’s going on. Take some time out for yourself and visit a physician to see if there are any treatments available to help. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but probably better to try at least.

    Good Luck…

  23. Stefan I have been there. I have felt the nothingness of life and honestly it was depression making me feel so empty. I have found myself in a another, less depressive rut this time. I am a stay at home mom. Up until a month ago I was doing ok with the daily grind. I have no car and live in a Muslim country, with no friends, and no outlet except my husband. He comes home from work and goes straight to the computer or the TV to unwind. What little conversation we have lacks intimacy, and our sex life is so routine. We have been trying to have another baby, and last month I had a miscarriage. It is a fact of life which I have tried to remain positive about; I know the science behind it, and I am willing to except my body rejecting a bad egg/sperm. It has made everything else in my life come to a head. The cabin fever has kicked in pretty hard. I can’t go out for a walk with out men following me in there cars, or constant horn honks, and cat calls, yes, even with my 15 month old with me. There are abductions regularly and crimes against women are rarely acted on by authorities. In some places if you go to the police you can be arrested for sex out of wed lock for being raped, so I am not going to put myself or my daughter at risk more then I have to. My husband does not understand what my life is like, to have no friends, and virtually no freedom; he does not know what it feels like day in and day out being at home looking at this 4 walls. I just want to go home, to have my truck back, to be able to walk into my yard and smell the grass after it has been cut, I want to be able to drive to the mall when I am bored or go get coffee with a friend. These simple sacrifices are no longer simple. Now I sit around wondering what can I do to keep from being bored. I am a damn good cook but don’t want to do that, I am teaching myself piano but don’t want to do that, I am working on interval training but don’t want to do that, I don’t want to do anything, and on the days I am really depressed if I do anything it just makes me tired and then totally depressed. I wish I could take drugs to make it better but that doesn’t go along with getting pregnant. I wish I could drink to wash it away but pregnancy and this Musilm country stand in my way. I know I need some kind of daily goal but nothing sounds fulfilling, not even the things I used to love. I am just working at not taking it out on my baby and she is already in the terrible twos so being patient with her is a chore. There are no simple answers for me, maybe I just need a good long cry, a tub of ice cream, and some plane tickets which will never come soon enough because I have to be here for sure until May or June.

    God bless America, and all you lucky people who are there please go play in the snow, throw a snow ball at someone you love or hate, and make at least one snow angel, then have a hot chocolate (home made if possible), and if you don’t have a fireplace put one on your computer display and pretend. I would love to hear about it.

  24. Hi Grace,

    I’m very sorry to hear about the miscarriage: that can be very upsetting, particularly for women. I am not familiar with your culture, but perhaps there is a group of wives that meet at a neighbor’s house? Or, maybe there is a communal place for childcare? If nothing else, visit a doctor on a regular basis to address your depression. It sounds like you could use some honest, intimate human contact.

  25. I am so depressed and have been on every single depressive drug out there,,,they do not work they are only short term fixes and they f@#k your body up….although i was depressed, i had plenty of energy and zest for life and always found something to do..after the anti depressives i had no energy body was run down and feel unmotivatied…

    What i am stating Above is that anti depressive drugs are only a money making thing for drug companies,,,they may fIx one area in your body but they will damage the well being of the complete body system,,,,.

    A doctorS are just like salesmen for the drug companies,,///ie:- take this and come back in three months,,try this..try this…try this,,,etc…you get the idea we, are just test rats..

    Anyway i go to bed every night praying never to wake, but feel ashamed feeling this way..

    so i am caught in this limbo..
    but at the same time i just don’t feel any real love,, I am tied to a relationship as my partner does not want to do anything except her things,,,and i just sit on the side line..i don’t do anything now ,,,i am so drained and exhausted and i used to work all the hours and give all my money to my partner,,,,but my relationship still felt empty, she also uses the kids againest me, saying that if i leave i will not get to see them much..



    sometimes we all have something or someone that is triggering us to feel this way ….we just need to dig deep within to find what it is and find the power to walk away from it or forget about it, sometimes that can be really hard and that is what uses all our energy and then we feel depressed…that’s when it all starts to go down hill…

    Change can be hard, but it’s better than giving up on yourself…Fight the demons within, and feel proud about kicking their ass.

    We all feel we are the only ones who feel this way, but the truth is millions are on the same boat…(FACT)
    It just that we need to get off the depression boat and stop thinking too much about it..
    Stop letting the bad memories or past events or people destroy your life and do what you feel in you heart is wright,,don’t let it pull us down..into the depths..THE PAST IS GONE, IT CANNOT GET YOU ANY MORE..

    Beak free from the chains, of what is doing this to you and you will find a your path to happiness or contentment, Things may be hard at first,,,but if you fight your way through it.. you will feel a proudness surge through your body and that will empower you with the energy you need..



  27. hey, i hope since th post your feeling a little better, tonight i feel pathetic and have been feeling likethis for about a week now. I have time where feeling empty ,lazy and everything all comes at once and its all abit over welming. But i just want to pass on a message my nana always says to me , “you make your own destiny, your life is what you make it, and if you want something done do it yourself” lol guess it came come across as harsh but my nana always gives me the home truths any they work for me, thats why after putting off all my house chores tonight, soon as ive wrote this im jumping up and not thinking about it. haha

    If you feel down, stressed, anxious i think the best thing is make a hour diary and plan ahead? i do this at work as i deal with alot of pressure on targets/deadlines …..
    the night before or that morning plan what you want to do hourly , set you self a goal to achieve. you can base this on anything, but it makes you up and go and you dont think about as much. before you know it you wont feel lazy and life becomes more organised.

    Also you sated you feel a rush off checking your earnings but then you get bored … you sound like a hard working person who is motivated by money so if you have got free time on your hand why not look into a new project that could bring you in more money. this may sound silly but i like to purchase second hand products get creative with them, and you can even sell them on.

    inregards to sleeping, using computers late at night will not help, eating late doesnt help. i suffered with insomnia for a while but i tried out some herbal tablets called karms. they relax you alot and bring on natueral sleep. maybe and afternoon or evening routine needs re organising. make note of what your doing each day, and if your unwinding ready for bed on time. and set your self a bed time thats reasonable.

    ok my rants over but i hope it may have been some help. best wishes!!

  28. Some of the posters here are depressed. Maybe a good psychodynamic therapist can help with that in the long term. But for those of you struggling with boredom and lack of motivation, I may have a solution.

    It’s the same thing we would do any other time we have a problem we can’t fix ourselves. We hire some help. Doctors are mostly idiots, I’m not talking about them. What I mean is – if I can’t motivate myself, I’m going to pay someone to come round one day a week and I’m going to give him a list of all the things I haven’t been able to make myself do. His job is to keep me company while I do them, and maybe help out with some of the work. I will pay him to do this, so he will do it. Because I am paying him, I will not waste the time. I just know it’s going to work. It starts 8 days from now. If I can find my way back here, I’ll let you know how it went.

  29. Wow, I see me in so many of these posts. I found this place searching the web for the same motivation, ehy can’t I feel better pill on the web. I am so tired of being tired! I can’t seem to pull me together. Been on layoff since Oct 2009 and got a job starting MOnday, just cant still feel the motivation to want to go back to work now. My husband left me in Dec, struggled thru the winter having to do things I didn’t want to. Then he came back in Feb, he wanted to do Foster care and we got 3 kids and I hate life more now. I don;t know why I thought I would love it.So if anyone finds the answer for energy motivation let me know too. I dont have enough motivation to start exercise to see if it give me more energy

  30. Wow, there are some really great comments here.

    I personally don’t like all this talk about brain chemicals and pills. I think most people can control their behavior and their emotions if they really want to.

    Everybody go through times of lack of energy and motivation. Like some people said here, the way to get back on track is in the basics…

    1. Being grateful – appreciate what you have. Some people worry about what they’d feed their children today. Remind yourself how fortunate you are. Enjoy what you have, even if it’s just your health or food or security.

    2. Setting goals – getting clear on what’s important to you, what you want to your life to be like and planning how to get it. (and enjoying the the journey, not just focusing on results.)

    3. Being active – working out, spending time outdoors or simply moving your body – taking walks, stretching, whatever makes you feel good.

    4. Eating well – less junk food, coffee and sugar, more water and healthy, living food – fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and eggs.

    (By the way, there is a big talk these days about dairy products not being good for us. You may want to try removing all dairy from your diet for a couple of weeks and see you feel).

    I could go on, but these are the major things.

    Final note:

    Stefan (above) said something about life having no purpose. I completely agree that life itself have no purpose. I don’t believe in a creator or the afterlife or anything like that. As I see it, though, the conclusion should be the exact opposite…

    Since life has no meaning or purpose on its own, the only way to live it is to make it count, or at least – enjoy it!

    Hope this makes sense.

    Rotem Cohen

  31. Hey, I totally get what you were/are going through. I feel the same way.
    The Computer sort of Sucks us in. and it’s just so comfortable in there. we don’t have to face life we can just sit back and be in the safety of the internet.
    I’ve been experiencing it alot lately,

    I find that what helps is to go running for 20minutes or so atleast 1 time every 7 days.
    Try to push your self into going into the real world.
    If Procrastination joins in, try to write down what you need to do in a list and do a 2-3 things per day.

    Notice your accomplishments, and try to get something productive done every day.
    Get a new Hobby, Find something fun to do outside, go for a walk in the sunshine, even in the Snow if that’s the case.

    Try to go to bed before midnight, and when you walk up jump out of bed immediately DONT SNOOZE,
    and Say
    “Todays going to be great, because I’m going to make it so!!”

    Hope some of that helps, it sure did me. Oh and you work with Ads and Google words.
    You should probably work on developping this adress into something more. You’re pretty high up on google with this number 5 under ‘bored but dont want to sleep’

    Thanks have a great day!

  32. Hey guys, I’ve felt like this (no energy, demotivated, depressed) on and off for awhile – though more on than off I must admit! I’m still stuggling a lot at the moment as I’m trying to claw my way out of this deep pit of depression and anxiety I’ve fallen into.

    I heard someone on the radio recently say that weak people don’t get depressed – strong people do because they try and do too much all at once. This really struck a chord with me because that’s how I’ve felt. For ages now I’ve tried to turn my life around all in one go (I don’t know how many times I’ve told people “this is it, I’m going to sort myself out”) then failed miserably and sunk deeper into boredom, demotivation, stress and ultimately depression again.

    Now I’m trying to change little things at a time – it doesn’t matter if I’m late to work, the point is I’m at work! Step two will be getting to work on time. I’m fortunate that my employer is understanding, but their patience has had limits and this has helped too. I’ve been told to improve my attendance and performance at work, and now, after many false starts I’m really trying to be here and be effective. For me, it’s helped to be accountable to someone – I guess it’s the carrot and stick approach – the carrot hasn’t worked so now we’re trying the stick!

    This works in the gym as well where I have a personal trainer who enjoys (perhaps a little too much!) keeping me motivated in the gym/on a run etc. which improves my energy levels and general fitness.

    I don’t know how this will all turn out, but I hope that by taking small steps, with some encouragement and persuasion from the people around me at work, at home and down the gym are helping me to do the things I should be doing and I’m starting to feel more positive again. Ultimately, I hope this is the path to lifting two year’s worth of depression.

    Maybe my story will help, if not, thanks for taking the time to read it.

  33. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your post and excellent perspective.

    I also tend to try to change too much at once. For example, I tell myself, “Tomorrow I’m going on a diet, will begin exercising an hour each day, will have extra salad at dinner, and will go to bed much earlier.”

    Well, as you say, it doesn’t work out.

    Taking smaller steps goes a long way, and once you’ve achieved one of your goals, it feels really good.

  34. I am so pleased to find I am not alone.
    I’ve been struggling to understand why I have become so far removed from the person I was. The active one; the one who looked for jobs to complete; the one who was only happy being active. Hmm, I’ve just put into words why I feel so miserable!! I am happier being busy!!!! So why aren’t I keeping busy??

    Why does it sound easier than it is. Am I overthinging it!! I sit here many a day for many a year wondering why I have come to a complete standstill. I seem to have lost every part of any kind of motivational skills l held, partly as they are used up, trying to keep going with ‘l’m ok sage!’ For so long its been a way of pushing me along but now I am fighting it to remain still. Why? What drives this destruction.

    I think I am at my lowest and find NO I can get more unhappy it just takes the ability to sit and stare into space…….for me to think I can get lower!!
    My head says move but my legs refuse to conform. What is wrong with me?

    lt is a comfort to realise l am not on my own. I do suffer from guilt and shame for the person I have become. I don’t like myself. I am very lazy and disinterested in myself and others.

    What am I punishing others for and hurting myself in the process. Its silly, and worthless but that just sums up how l feel about myself – worthless.

    Thank you to the people who have commented on this post its been a real tonic for me. To know I am not alone in life’s struggles. I hate myself for feeling sorry for myself while in this state of non living. I feel it should be so easy to flick the switch back to becoming who I used to be but I don’t seem to find that person to flick the switch anymore.
    Thank you and I hope those who wrote on here previously have been able to overcome and re-build a happy and content life.

  35. Dude I totally know where you’re coming from. It happens to me all the time. Like right now, I have two big tests tommorrow but I just cant find it in me to study for them. Maybe a shower would help. Ill get to studying eventually tonite…i better.

  36. I am going through this right now. My symtoms have been getting progressively worse for years untill last month when i got a really bad cold and it seems to have zapped whatever motivation/energy i was clinging to.

    This has nothing to do with exercise. Untill i caught my cold last month I was exercising atleast 4 days a week. 2 sessions of 2 hours or more of college level basketball (i am fit enough to dunk 2 handed at 6ft tall) and 2 sessions of one hour weight training. Outside of those physical activities i moved very little during the week. Its almost like i was trying to save energy for my workout sessions. My cold is gone but it seems like i can’t get back to even the crappy state i was in before.

    I hate people. I can’t stand walking through a shopping center. I put off the most meaningless, easy tasks, like changing a light bulb in my garage for years. I have become extremely routine oriented. Any deviation from my routine causes me anxiety. I know i need help but I can’t even bring myself to go to the doctors because its outside of my routine. I want to snap out of this and i know its all so ridiculous to people but I find it so hard to do.

    I have 3 very exceptional friends who would do anything for me and yet I can barely muster the energy to talk to them on the phone… and when i do, I am always bloody negative to everything. I haven’t dated in 8 years because It involves breaking my routine. They offer to take me out anywhere to do anything and pay for it all and i still say no. I’m sure they must think i just don’t like them and that is not true at all.

    I went for a new job interview that would pay me about 50k a year for 24 hours a week of work and I almost broke down when i got home because i realized i couldn’t bring myself to muster the energy to do it. This is in addition to the fact that it was in customer service… I hate people remember. It comes down to the amount of time people are unthoughtful, ignorant or don’t make sense,… it infuriates me inside. I know this is a horrible way to think and i can’t control the world so i stay home ALL the time.

    I eat the same foods, same meals everyday. I’ve calculated the calories to match up with the amount of exercise i do and in the interest of keeping the body type and physical abilities i have so i never eat out or order take out. At family BBQ’s or parties (I find it very hard to attend in the first place) I don’t eat any of the food that is prepared.

    Lately its so bad I have given thought to suicide because I see no hope of curing these things. I’m not close yet, but I fear another few years of this and it is an inevitable conclusion.

    I know i need to creat opportunities for myself and that starts with breaking my routine… but I’m affraid. I’ve even become affraid of the pain and discomfort of working out and playing basketball. I love these things and I find it so hard to bring myself to do them anymore.

    I always doubt myself and my abilities. I will never be strong enough, fast enough, smart enough, good looking enough etc etc

    I don’t know what to do.

    Your not alone.

  37. Hi Joey,

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.

    It sounds like you might have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, plus some depression.

    I too follow a regular routine and feel anxiety when there is an expected change, ie. social function, doctor’s appointment, etc. This is due in part to the fact that I have Type 1 Diabetes and have to live on a schedule in order to keep my blood sugar levels in check.

    Keep up the exercise. It gets you out of the house and gives you some focus during the day.

    That aside, I’d suggest setting up an appointment with a Doctor as soon as possible. Then, a few days before the appointment, practice getting ready and allowing yourself time in your day to block off for the appointment. When the real appointment arrives, you’ll feel more comfortable deviating from your routine.

    Good Luck!

  38. I feel your pain.

    I was always the type of guy that needed a fire lite under me to get me going, that little push to get me going in the right direction.
    I guess I was always lazy when it came to doing things that were just “keep your self busy things”.
    Because I was more than happy to be sitting home watching a movie.
    But after my breakup with my girlfriend (in the U.S.) I moved back home to Canada and in with my mom.
    When I got home I found a once beautiful well kept home and mother in shambles.Things were that bad (health wise) with my mom if I hadn’t came home when I did, I would of ended up back home for her funeral.
    Well, home was always my safety net, a place I could go back to and reset if things went to bad.
    This time when I got home I was met eyeball deep in other more serious problems that needed to be taken care of.
    It’s been over a year now and mom isn’t much better, and that’s with me looking after her 24/7.
    I lost all contact with the outside world, I seen my Dr (only when I got to the point of “OK,I’m losing my mind and I need help”)
    he gave me meds that helped a little with stress and sleeping but the problems were still there.
    My mom is only young (58) and still is coherent enough to refuse in home care (other than me) and not see her Dr.
    So my mind is racing all the time between my problems and feelings of failing at everything I do and how sick my mom is.
    For the first few months after I got back it was an excuse not to go out or do anything other than take care of her. Soon that turned into a year and my life is a total mess, with major depression. I don’t think my room seen a vacuum since I got home, it takes all my energy to look after mom and a bump or thud sends me into panic mode.
    I don’t have a car, and where I live there is nothing to do other than watch cars drive by.
    So while I do clean the house and cook and feed for mom, my little corner of the house looks like a truck drove through it.
    Have I mentioned mom is also incontinent now, and while most days she can clean and look after that part, some days I’m forced to.
    Like I said I always needed that little extra push to get me going and on my feet, but now that push will never come.
    I feel like I got a mountain of problems ahead of me and a spoon to get it out of the way.
    Even if I do find the motivation, energy to do this, the path this mountain is on sucks.
    Mom is the only family I got, she was the only person in my life from the time I was a kid until now (I’m 35) I seen how hard she worked and how much pride she put into everything she got, she never had a house of her own, but always rented a house.
    I understand that all her stuff would have to go if I got her into a care home, and she refuses to have anyone come in and take care of her. But I know if she was left alone like before she would lock the doors, shut her self off from the world and someone would be finding her dead.
    Then in the back of my mind I think “she’s not even 60 yet, how can she be this sick. maybe she will get better”.
    But I have no emotional support, no one that can share the work load and I’m slowly falling apart emotionally.
    I was a train-wreck before I got home, and that train got bulldozed off a cliff once I got home.
    I know what needs to be done, but I can’t, no matter how hard I try or want to do it,to seem to actually do it.
    I guess I feel like its better to go down with the ship than jump off, watch it sink, then be stuck alone hundreds of miles from shore.
    Things might be different if mom hadn’t worked so hard for everything she got, tried so hard all her life to keep her head above water while taking care of me, or if I had some other family.

    A case of the devil you know (the life I’m living now) is better than the one you don’t (what happens if mom ends up losing everything and in a care home)?
    She could give up all hope or do better if other people are around to keep her company.
    What ever the out come I’ll be alone, my security net will be gone (not cash, she’s on welfare), my life as I knew it will be over.
    I guess I always needed to know that somewhere in the world I had someone that loved me and I could always go back to, to get my head on straight.

    Once that is gone, I got to be completely self sufficient (at least for a little while), and If I mess up again I could end up on the streets.

    Well, this went off on something other than energy and motivation, but the point I was trying to make was.. stress, depression add to the lack of motivation and energy I have, for sure, but the goal that needs to be reached is just as much cause for it.
    Pull myself out of a rut, work my butt off with no help or support from anyone only to reach a goal I don’t want or need and can’t escape.

    At first I couldn’t except it, then I wouldn’t, then I refused to speed it along. Now I find myself 1.5 years later in the same boat I was in a year ago, except I’m an emotional wreck now on auto pilot. not taking care of myself and barely taking care of mom.
    So like it or not I have no choice but to get energy and motivation, because I can’t go on like this for very much longer.

  39. I don’t see the point of life anymore. I don’t even have the mental or physical energy to complain. I don’t want to go to bed because that won’t even take away this horrible feeling where my head cant concentrate. I’ve lost feeling and have no emotions. I’ve been failing exams a lot and still no one or nothing anyone can say to me can make me motivated. I just dont seem to care about life anymore – so what if i get to Uni? How dull. Then I would become a teacher stuck in a dead end job. So what? What else? I cant be bothered. Usually i’d revise 9 weeks before important exams but the day before on exam i hardly even revised. I just dont care tbh. Didnt even bother to try hard, just cant be asked. I think I’ve lost feeling because I dont have that healthy panic I get when I work. Its not normal exam stress; i think im under severe depression. My back hurts and feels like it’s arching in, whilst my legs are weak like jelly plus my blood feels like it’s boiling and my heart never stops beating. I’m only 17 and live with lovely parents, and grandparents. I still cant even be happy.

  40. Hi Amarpreet,

    Thanks for your story. Have you tried consulting with a psychiatrist for depression?

    Also, even if you don’t have any sort of mental illness, it might be a good idea to talk to someone neutral in your life and get some of your frustrations off you chest.

  41. All I can say is…I understand all of these posts. I’m going through one of my depression cycles now. All I really KNOW is, it won’t be this way forever. It does let up eventually. This “boredom” and “I don’t give a **** what happens in my life” feeling is eventually going to be interrupted by SOMETHING. That “something” could be good or bad.
    As for medication, screw that. I’ve never heard of that ever curing anybody. It either masks the problems or makes things worse because you rely on it.
    I just wait it out. I believe I deserve to be alive and I deserve to enjoy my life. Maybe right now I can’t enjoy it and I hate it, but it’s temporary. Something’s gonna come along and wake me up.
    The only thing that really sucks right now is…trying to pretend to be happy or okay. I get really exhausted pretending to care about ****. But if you wanna make a buck and not be homeless, you have to atleast pretend to care.
    Sometimes, I look around at people and wonder if they’re pretending, too. Like we’re all just a bunch of really good actors.
    You’re all more than welcome to email me if you wanna talk.

  42. I am currently going through a Stress and depression class at my community college. They teach you how to use natural ways like meditation to deal with your problems. I have been on drugs to help with my feeling of “who gives a fk id rather not do anything” and the meds helped a little but not much at all since I have been taking this class and learning new ways of looking at life and other practices I feel way better. Check one out it is worth you time.

  43. It is so nice that there is this website so we can talk to each other! I am also feeling like the rest of you and it brings me comfort to know that I am not alone. We all have each other and that is alot. We will all get thru this together! All we can do is take small steps everyday and it maybe just to brush our teeth or wash our hair but if it is something we didn’t do the day before then we are improving ourselves one step at a time. We don’t need to do what others do, we only need to do what makes US happy or feel better. If you are dieting and you want a glass of pop, go ahead, it’s not failure it’s happiness. Failure is if you drink a whole case. Enjoy the little things. If you have no energy to exercise then just lift your legs one at a time while watching tv 10 times on each leg and be happy with that because it was something you didn’t do the day before! Little steps is all we need to take. Think of it this way, if there is a flight of stairs that you have to go up it does’nt matter if you take one at a time or 3 at a time you will still get to the top!! We are all very loving and caring people and we are givers and that is why we are all here to tell each other how we feel and that tells us alot about what good people we are and there is alot to said about the kind of compassion we have for each other and that in itself is something to feel good about! Love you all for your honesty and hope the best for you all. We will overcome this!

  44. Wow, so many great suggestions. I agree with the exercise and water, but still don’t do it. I feel the same way many of you do. Bored and I want to sleep all the time. I am on antidepressants, thanks to modern medicine. I have many reasons to be happy. I live in paradise, have a good paying job, but it is boring. I think computers are sucking the life out of us. The only time I am happy is when others need me. Then I jump up and go to it. It really helps to know that others feel the same. Hang in there everyone.

  45. Hi everyone new here ,im so glad not on my own, ive got no motovation although ive changed my eating habits ,still wana go to sleep al the time telling myself tomorrow gonna be a different day !!! how the weeks n mothns pass still saying it !!!! ive had one or 2 days where i felt absolutly great !!! had energyu etc dont now y but then went again AHHHHH !!!! i no exercise would help yep do it tomoorow AHHHH dont do it , sounds strange its like sun it in u brain is teasing u ! hope this makes sence, Karen

  46. I can relate with many of you! I’m a kick arse make alot of money and then coast kinda guy and it has bothered me, if not, plagued me all my life. I never could work at a steady pace it was either to the floor on, or off. I have recently entertained thoughts of just unplugging my computer and throwing it in the TRASH!!! If I could use it in moderation I would be much better off and much more productive but it has become a pacifier that I veg out in front of for hours, AND WHY??? Where has ALL my motivation gone or is this normal in your late forties?

  47. I recently gave up drinking. I have been a drunk for 15 years and it took me from living the dream to living the nightmare. I have rebounded enough to have gained back some respectable stature in life but my problem is that my energy levels are at an all time low and my boredom levels are at an all time high. I have tried everything under the sun for short periods of time to improve the energy and boredom but nothing has worked. For alchoholics there is aa, which I totally respect but cant get in to. If there was a support group for people like me and you, who are so compleetly bored, I would be so so in to it. Now that modern technology has taken care of a lot of our needs, boredom is surely on the rise. I feel that bored people getting together to feel less bored, as simple as that sounds, could be huge. Like alchoholics, people who have lost interest in life, come from all walks of life. Sharing ideas can only help,just as this blog has. I hope I can do another 67 days of not drinking. My nuckles are very white, my boredom is great,but my hope is very high.

  48. i can identify. I feel exactly like that right now. Bored out of my mind, restless, want to do something but nothing seems quite appealing so I just stay on the couch. I am diagnosed ADHD and Adderall works wonders but I hate feeling like I have to take a drug to feel ‘normal’. Trying to figure out what it is that may be bothering me (though honestly I don’t feel sad at all) and work through it but coming up with nothing. It’s frustrating and can cause a downward spiral if you’re not careful. Just try to remember tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better….

  49. You could get a pet dog. It will make you leave the house daily, give you exercise, fresh air, a bubbly companion, and throwing a ball around in the park for it too chase will probably make you happier and more awake.

    If my parents would let me I would soooo get a dog, because I honetly feel it would make my life more active and enjoyable.

  50. I feel so lacking in energy and motivation I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I feel like I don’t feel anything. I have two beautiful children, two dogs, a well paying great job, but no happiness. I believe what makes humans feel this way is past hurt. For me, a divorce caused some of this, although I’ve tended toward this all my life, I did have more drive before. But after you’ve tried so hard for things in life and had HOPE that it was for a cause and for a certain outcome..only to find that things didn’t end well, it ends the desire to try anything anymore. The message your brain learns is: Why care? I’ll get hurt. Why try? It won’t work. Why get excited about anything? I already know the ending and it isn’t good. So, if the outcome is bad no matter what, then it’s easier to choose the path of least resistance: doing nothing. What we need is HOPE. That will gives us motivation, emotion, etc. Now….how to believe that things could be different? I don’t know that one.

  51. ……am the same……..i dont think of it as depression….it’s what has happened to our lives. They have become so chaotically overwhelming that it seems there is just too much brain clutter, not enough peaceful time…..too much information, too much conflict in the world….
    My greatest moments are when i connect to my dogs, cats, fish and nature in general. Walking with my dog, with no i-pod btw is probably the best thing i do everyday. I’m so ashamed of what humanity haa become that spending time with animals brings me back to appreciating this world and what it offers.
    Computers, gadgets, yea i use em like everyone else, but i have to take myself off of them as often as possible. We have lost our connection to each other and to nature and the earth. This is what people are noticing and this is what’s bringin many people down.
    Just take it easy, dont worry about having to do something, having to take a drug to be happy, having nothing to do or no motivation. Take life a little slower, appreciate all the things you have forgotten and things will change for you.

  52. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful perspective! It’s definitely true that life these days is very hectic. On top of that, we don’t really spend much time connecting with our fellow man, nature, or animals. Having pets can make all the difference in the world.

  53. Hi everyone, I can honestly say I can relate to everyone here on some level. My problem is also a severe lack of motivation, but it is strange, in terms of energy, I have absolutely no problems. I go to the gym every single day, I eat a healthy diet, physically I feel 100%.

    Emotionally and psychologically however… I feel sadness, regret, supressed anger, envy, and the sensation that I am a failure in life. The odd thing is, I don’t think I have depression due to a chemical imbalance, but rather a depression of circumstance.

    No job, still not in college, tried to join two separate branches of the military and got rejected because of one silly arrest a few years back. Before, I had a decent job, and was looking forward to serving my country as a Marine, or a member of the Navy, but those hopes and dreams were crushed by the system.

    After that I basically went into full recluse mode, the only time I would go outside is to go to the gym, take out the trash, or buy groceries. My parents urged me to apply for college and to find a job, I applied to the college, but am having a very hard time finding a job, and it isn’t due to the economy.

    I would say I have a mild to moderate social anxiety, I have irrational fear about things. I have an irrational fear about getting up in the morning and looking for a job. A fear of even walking into a store and asking for an application, the only two applications I’ve filled out were online, and I’ve gotten no response. I have fear of rejection and all those other “wonderful” things that come with anxiety.

    So you can see how it can create a cycle of despair, I’m depressed and have social anxiety because I have no job and am not in college. I don’t go out looking for a job actively, because I have depression and anxiety. Not a pretty cycle.

    I feel like I was never truly motivated to do anything in my life. Senior year in high school when everyone was picking out colleges and putting in applications, I was doing nothing, just hanging out. The only jobs I ever had were due to some family or friend connection and not from actually job hunting.

    Looking around and seeing my friends(present or past) succeeding in life, married, in college, jobs, it deepends the depression and anxiety for me. And while my parents are supportive and I love them very much, I don’t think they understand that telling me to get a job everyday won’t produce that result.

    There might be something wrong with me, but I am not willing to result to medication, and since most doctor visits in regards to depression lead exactly to that, I don’t want “professional” help either. Not to offend and current psychiatrists or those whose lives have become better because of it, but, I’ve always considered it to be smoke and mirrors, just some middle aged guy sitting in a leather chair asking you “and how does that make you feel?” for 1 hour and then charging your debit $250.

    Deep in my heart, I know for a fact, that if a got a decent job, got into college, and finally moved out of my parents tiny apartment, my sadness will go away, or at the very least would be GREATLY reduced. The fact that I live in a huge metropolis constantly surrounded by people doesn’t help the anxiety, I was originally from small town.

    All I know is that this endless stagnation of my life, the feeling of my life going absolutely nowhere, has had me thinking suicidal thoughts. Now, I would never act on those thoughts simply as a matter of princicple that it is unfair to my family, but honestly even that sentiment has been wearing a bit thin.

    Anyway sorry for the long rant, I hope all of you move in a direction in your life that you most desire and makes you most happy.

  54. Hi Artem,

    Thanks so much for your comment. You writing is very articulate and clear, perhaps you might consider looking into a job in journalism or communications?

    It’s unfortunate that you’re not allowed to join the military, but I’m sure there are plenty of alternatives available that might excite you.

    Good Luck

  55. Hey, Artem, your post really moved me. It’s like an exact copy of my life. Even down to your toughts on suicide. “I’d never do it, out of principle and what it’d do to my family, but even that sentimate is wearing thin”. That’s exactly how I feel. And how you think if you just move out of your ‘rents basement, get your own place and a job, you’ll be happier. That’s just how I feel. I mean, your life is mine.

    So, I can tell you that it probably doesn’t help you at all to know that someone else is in the exact same boat, because it doesn’t help me at all either. But there it is.

    What I do know is that when I next see my doctor, I’m going to talk about it. The worst that can happen is that they ignore me, ridicule me, or push drugs on me. That won’t be so bad, I can deal with that. The best that can happen is the drugs might help, or I’m referred to someone that can help and put me on the right path of change. I can’t afford not to miss that chance.

    I’m gonna keep reading this blog, if you don’t mind, admin.

  56. Thanks Rockpopple, it gives some measure of comfort knowing there is another person that can understand what I’m going through on an emotional level.

    I do hope your doctor can help you, if he/she ignores you or ridicules you, that is not a doctor but a walking college degree. I think most capable doctors would treat depression and anxiety very seriously, because it can completely debilitate your entire life no less than a terminal illness.

    Depression is like a leech attached to your very soul, it drains the happiness and life out of you to sustain its own existance. Activities that once gave joy no longer seem appealing, the world feels cold and indifferent. At night, when most people are sleeping, the mind races rapidly, and all the demons, all the pain, the regret, the sadness, come to haunt you.

    Come the new day, which brings hope and possibility to most, gives only worry and uncertainty to people of our affliction. Sometimes I wish I can move somewhere far away and survive by hunting, unfortunately they teach algebra in school instead of skills that may come in handy. To be free from the rules and standards of society would bring great relief, but without human connection it would be a futile journey.

    And yet, there is still a light, somewhere inside that tells me to keep on fighting, whether that is hope or just dellusion is unclear to me. Either way I will continue on even through my darkest moments, for that chance of a better existance is always there, no matter how remote it may seem.

    Some days I’m somewhat happy, to just be alive, to have food and shelter and all the comfort of modern society, and sometimes I feel sad and things I have feel hollow. I think it is because I lack one of the most essential things to happiness: love.

    To be honest, I don’t think I would care if I lived in an utter shithole so long as I knew I have someone by my side that loves me as much as I love them. Sure the love for a family member or friend is always there, but its just not the same.

  57. It amazes me how many of us are out there struggling with boredom and lack of any motivation in life. All I see around me is people with full of life, doing the simplest of things with such vigor and enthusiasm. I envy them whole lot. Why am i like this? Why don’t I fit in? My interests are so very different from people who surround me. When I’m thinking of cosmology, friends around me are fretting about missing an appointment at the nail salon. People sometimes simply disgust me. I have nothing in common with anyone around me.
    I have found my own solution to dealing with this. I have detached myself completely from everyone around me, except my kid. There is absolutely no feelings left in me for anyone. That way, i’m not hurt by their indifferent attitude towards me. I know this sounds like depression but I won’t medicate myself. I would rather meditate.
    I have nothing to look forward to as I have become an anti-social. There are no goals or aims. I don’t even know if I’m going to make it to next year. Just taking it one day at a time. the pessimist in me has overtaken everything.
    Sorry if you find me pity-partying myself.
    I don’t have any advise to any of you. I’m drowning in my own mess. A major part of it is guilt from the past.
    Sorry…for the rant…

  58. Wow. Love the posts. Feel the same way as many of you, Barbara, Stephan…
    Beer makes me communicate but I am a lost soul. Hunting gathering would be grand. Neccesity makes us move. We do live in (North America)a too easy place.
    I work hard, labour, and I love it. A sense of accomplishment, but I cant get a life together.
    I gave up on my family a long time ago, I’m 46, ditched when I was 19. Love is supposed to be the answer but how can we love ourselves?
    “Ultimately nothing matters” my dad used to say. Yeah, well, I feel that way all the time.
    “Live in the moment”, I do it all the time.
    I anticipate living on the street.
    I have more to share but I got to go, under time pressure, but, I do want to say that it’s nice to not feel alone, I do love honesty, and really, yoou people are great ’cause of it.

  59. Hey,
    I feel the same way, I just hate it!! I don’t do nothing, I don’t work and I only go to school two days a week and while in school I can’t wait for the day to end to go home. I am always lazy and don’t have the energy to do HW or housework. It got to the point that I don’t even take care of myself anymore. I don’t even tweeze my eyebrows anymore, I hate it when it is time to take a shower. Sometimes, I am so hungry and I want to eat but because I am lazy I can’t go to kitchen to make something so I just go to sleep hungry. All I do is browse the net and look at friends’ pictures on FB. Anyways, I need to find a job badly and I don’t find the energy to go look for a job. Helllllppppppppp!!!!
    I was wondering how can I make money out of marketing website like you are doing so I can make some money at least, Maybe, I would change a little and start feeling better because the feeling of being broke make more depressed. I live on the dream that I will be rich one day and I just can’t take this anymore.I gotta do something!!!

  60. It has happened to me too. The answer is very simple and right there: You have no motivation.

    Are you single (or in a relationship that is going nowhere)? If so, do something about it.

    What do you want from life? Set a goal, pursue it.

    Are you married, kids? After a certain age we need to start a family (believe it or not. want it or not). That gives you plenty of motivation and satisfaction.

    Best of luck!

  61. I really have no suggestions to fix you, but I totally understand where you are coming from. I don’t know what to do with myself. That exercise suggestion doesn’t work because whenever I exercise I still just long to be somewhere else doing nothing. I need a source of excitement in my life. If there is no will does that mean there is no way?

  62. I’m a first-year student at Cambridge. You would think that implies some level of motivation, but it doesn’t. Not for me, anyway. I motivated myself enough to get the grades I needed, but doing so was absolute torture.

    Now that I am here, my old lack of motivation has set in. An essay is two weeks overdue. My laundry basket is piling up. Two posters fell of my wall 6 weeks ago and are still on the floor. Everyone in my dorm goes out to party while I stay inside with my door locked; struggling to read two pages of a book in four hours.

    I know it doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are things I enjoy doing. There are things I know I would enjoy doing if I tried. I like reading interesting things. I like writing about interesting topics. I like being with interesting people. I’m sure i’d like other things as well, if I tried – things like learning a musical instrument, taking up dancing, sports, etc.

    I’m sure I’d have no problem motivating myself to do those sorts of things. I’m sure you guys wouldn’t have a problem either.

    So what IS the problem? Why are we unmotivated? Why do we have the feeling that our lives are going nowhere?

    I do not believe it is anything inside of us. It is not a disorder. It is not a “chemical imbalance”.

    It’s our society.

    From the moment we entered high school, our leisure time has grown shorter and shorter and shorter.

    We can’t motivate ourselves because there’s ALWAYS something hanging over us. Money, assignments, jobs. We can’t do what we love, because there’s something else we feel we “should” be doing. And we can’t do what we feel we “should” be doing, because it’s SO DAMN BORING!

    And when we DO get some spare time – a gap year, a holiday, even a weekend – what can we do but spend it on the most mindless, effortless pasttime we can find? TV, world of warcraft, binge drinking, etc.

    When the Saxons invaded Briton, the Celts sent the following message to their old masters in Rome:

    “The barbarians drive us to the sea, the sea drives us to the barbarians. Tetween these two means of death we are either slaughtered or drowned.”

    THAT is our society. We are pushed into monotonous work: soulless, passionless money-making. The drudery of work subsequently pushes us to procrastinate with some form of mindless escapism. Eventually, guilt at neglecting our “duties” forces us back into our montonous work.

    It IS possible to commit ourselves entirely to our qualification-accumulating duties without procrastinating. I’ve done it before. And it is TORTURE. The only people who can consistently do this must be masochists.

    That, or they are deluding themselves that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That their drudgery will pay off in the end.

    A modern reincarnation of the American Dream, perhaps? Work hard for 40+ years of your life then “enjoy” retirement with what’s left of your broken mind and body?

    In conclusion, there are two options. Escape from society, or change it.

    We have to ask ourselves: IS there an escape?

  63. I too have no motivation, no engery!!! I go to gym 4 days a week – that doesn’t help – I get dressed and go to work every day – bored bored bored – been here 31.5 yrs bored to tears by my job – I need to find something that gives me joy – that I am passionate about – but what – when – I work – I have gym 4 x week – 3 dogs and a cat to care for – a house to clean. etc..

    I guess I need a diet pill then at least I would have energy – but alas – I have high blood pressure over 50 and don’t want a heart attack ;0)

  64. totally here what you are talking about…After years of taking it easy due to a car accident that causes pain and siezures I have lost all motivation. I used to be motivated to fight this but the doc took me off work…now I don’t have the energy to do jack…go out and exercise they say…like we haven’t considered it…just seem to be frozen in lifes rut…I miss my adrenaline filled life of years ago.
    Thinking maybe I should be selfish and live my bucket list now and do all the things that are bad for my back and epilepsy…who cares….life stopped being fun and after awhile I stopped living it….I would rather feel I am living for a short time, then exsist like this for eternity………..wish I could break the damn cycle I am in to get out this rut….
    booo…life is boring and monotonous!

  65. i often feel no motivation to do anything at all, like revolving learning like why learn and like its unfortunate but pick a goal or something something youve wanted for a while and you study and do good youll feel like you deserve that goal. 😉

  66. I never have any motivation at all to do anything! I’m always tired even if I sleep for twelve hours. I can’t get up in the morning. After I do get up and go to school I have to force my eyes to stay open, literally. I can’t pay attention in class because I’m too bored. Once I get home after track I just sit around and all until I absolutly have to do something. I hate feeling like this all the time. Any suggestions that don’t involve talking to people about it would be appreciated.

  67. This might seem silly but buy your self a ps3 or someting…..”KILLING” zombies or something else can be relaxing haha although it might not seem it to those who have not tried it but it does help you to spend time…other than that go to a bar! meet some people! 😉

  68. why don’t you search for ways to find motivation. i am trying to do that too. it’s the only thing that motivates me because i want to be motivated 😉

  69. I have about the same lifestyle as yours, i make doing nothing, and i’m bored to death everyday… I have nothing much to do aside from watching movies and going to the gym… I even started flipping houses, but i outsource all the work and i’m left with nothing much to do…

    Anyway,tThere is actually one pill that you can take, it’s called hydroxicut, that will give you some energy and you’ll feel like you’ll want to do stuff…


  70. I’m trying to think of what I DON’T get bored with and nothing comes to mind. This all started in 1998 with the passing of my father from cancer and then the break-up of my marraige soon after. Since that time, no matter if its a relationship or a new job..I’ll start smething new, totally immerse myself in it and then it happens, I get bored. I have pissed so much away from this happening in my life.

    I recently changed careers, going from restaurant management to becoming an Insurance Agent/Salesman. I busted my ass studying for my license exam, passed the test, came out of the gate “on fire”, making sales on my first 6 appointments and BOOM, it hit me again, BOREDOM, no motivation to sustain the success.

    I have arrived at the following conclusions:
    Its not the jobs, or the women or events that are at fault, it is me! Its not that I’m meant to do something else with my life. God has blessed me with dozens of great job opportunities, great women, etc and i made the conscious choice to blow each and every one of them off. When the feeling initially sets in, i will begin to pick apart what ever it is that I’m about to blow off. I’ll find a reason or excuse to walk away from it. I have no idea why I do this, but I do. I’ve read every self-help book known to man. Guess what happens? Soon after finishing the book, I’ll begin to use what I’ve read and then it happens again. I’ll find a reason to stop doing it or I’ll convince myself that it WON’T work. I’ll drop that book or leeson like a hot potato, wallow in self-pity for a few days or a week, and then off to the next book or dvd.

    On one hand, i guess its great that I have been able to come to terms with the fact that there is something wrong. On the other hand I’m getting tired of chasing my own tale while trying to figure out how to “fix” it.

  71. dear everyone who is tired and sad and un motivated and hates everything.

    this is because life sucks.
    nobody is actually happy in real life.

    so first of all, dont pray everynight hoping your life will change.

    god isnt real,
    prescription drugs are.

    take a 70 mg vyvanse with your morning coffee.
    take a shower,
    you will be motivated and active all day,
    then when its time for bed,
    take a xanax, and sleep.

    do it everyday,
    thats how you will be happy with life.
    because you will actually start acomplishing things.

  72. Hey guys. I have been feeling the very same way as all the above. No motivation, no drive. Feeling like there is absolutely no point to anything.

    I’m a high school student. I broke up with this chick about 2 months ago. The relationship was well, terrible. I spent way too much time with her, she would always reject me to do anything, she would never talk to me. And the only reason that it lasted two months was because of my persistence. She now completely ignores my existence, and it’s been getting me down. Like i’m not really valued to anyone. And that has been furthering my depression because of the fact that since the break up, I have not had any girl attention. And at this rate, it seems like I won’t for a very long time.

    I have always been lazy as fuck, with no drive to get anything done. With anything. When it comes to chores, homework, picking up chicks. Nothing. I’m also notoriously disorganised. And every time I try to pick myself up, it only lasts a couple of weeks, and i’m back to square one.

    I discovered that I have Aspergers and SCT. And have been in and out of depression for about 4-5 years. Maybe these are contributing to me being a complete failure? That, I am unsure.

    I have no motivation to make something of myself, I don’t want to try and earn money, I don’t want to try and get good grades, I don’t want to try and help out my mum around the house, I don’t want to try and move on, and find some other chick. I just don’t want to try and be active. Just plain old Can’t Be Fucked.

    One of the comments before, that taking small steps helps. And yeah, it does. I was on time for school for the first time in weeks.
    But under the current circumstances with homework and other complicated school bullshit. That’s something I can’t do without it having a major impact on myself, my grades, and my future.

    I need help. Now.

  73. Like so many of these posts it is helpful to know you are not alone. I am sitting in my office doing nothing, scared to open my eyes in the morning – wondering if the “black dog” will be waiting to greet me. I was on meds for 3 or 4 years, really nasty divorce and actually came off them about six months ago. Just in the last couple of weeks its back, went to see the therapist, went back on the meds – not working yet – and I am going to try a Recovery International meeting – current mindset is very negative about everything but I feel some motivation to try to change the big picture – will it work I need to do something I’m only here once and this is no way to live.

  74. i feel sometimes really bored and nothing can make me interested which is like im not interested in anything after i left new york and my friends its like the most interesting thing to me is now boring. its like my body is so weak and i dont feel like doing anything. even computer seems boring and usually im excited about playing computer since i dont usually get the chance.

  75. I have had absolutely no motivation for a long time maybe a year, maybe more. It is so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning that it almost seems painful, even though I have slept about twelve hours. I have nothing to look forward to and no longer have any interest in the usual stuff I do. I think of thongs I want to do like go out and run or fix something but I just don’t have it in me to actually go do it. I procrastinate nearly everything until the very last minute. When I graduate in a year I am supposed to go to college but I have no idea what I want to do or even if I could finish college because I am unmotivated and depressed.

    There are many things I wish that I could just go do and I want to have the energy to go enjoy things again but I don’t know how go get it without drinking a ton of caffiene all the time. There is no way I am taking medication for it. I don’t want to be living on motivation that comes from medicine. Has anyone overcome this problem on their own?

  76. I’ve been on about every med that can be prescribed . I’m off of all now that I discovered Rhodiola Rosea.
    It’s an herb. It repairs Chem imbalances . Helps with stress and sleep and motivation. I’ve been taking it for yrs and swear by it. Worth a try. For any and everyone. Just google it. Read n see. I’ve gone from being an alcoholic and drug addict to bipolar depression suffering pill dependent person to the me I wanted to be. If this stuff does that for 1 other person this will have been worth my time to post.

  77. keep strong all of you the answer is there if you search, remember
    “If you continue to do what you are doing, you will continue to get the same result”

  78. I came across this post after typing into Google ‘no motivation or energy to do anything’. Cannot believe how many other people feel similar to me. I’m a single parent (divorced)I have a job, I have 3 lovely kids but I just can’t be arsed anymore with life in general. I can’t be arsed getting up in the morning. I go to work and get paid once a month; all my money has gone within a week on bills, food and rent. I sit here and think, what is the point ? Like Stefan said, I am comfortable but so miserable and I try to hide the way I am feeling for the sake of the kids. I have no physical or mental energy, I’ve tried thinking that I am lucky to have the basics and that there are people who are probably worse off than me but it doesn’t help and I wind up feeling worse and selfish. I don’t go on holiday, I don’t go out socialising -mainly because I can’t afford to. Life stinks and I am living for my kids, there is no other purpose.

  79. Hey all, I’m sorry you are feeling this way – as I am too. I took the Goldberg’s online depression test and the result has shocked me! I thought I’d be ‘mildy depressed’, however it’s come out at severe depression.

    I am lucky as I have very good friends and my Faith, so even though I feel rough, low & exhausted, I know our Heavenly Father will pull me through it (as He has done before).

    If you would like to do the test here is the link:


    At least once we know what it is, we can then start sorting it out.

    I hope and pray this eases up for you all, God Bless you x

  80. Hey everyone
    Yes i agree that its astounding how many of us struggle with these same issues. #1 it is abit comforting that im not alone at all in this. And#2 i would like to add what i do to help with this issue. I do voice recording journals. I basically dump all my racing thoughts into my voice record app on my phone. I get it allllllllllll out. No one is burdened with my heavy thoughts..and its better than talking to a counselor in my experience bc afterwards i listen to it and i see what i missed the first time. Its basically intense self reflection and you solve your own emotional mental conflicts by challenging yourself with extreem thought provoking questions. Nobody has to know your secrets. I love it. The best part is you can go back and check your progress from months earlier and see how far you have come. Like..oh wow i remember when that really bothered me and look now im totally over that ha. Or this shit id still affecting me God when will i have the answer?! You will release your frustrations and have a great sense of relief and its all for you and your growth.
    Hope this is good to you

  81. Also i wanted to add that i reviewed your med list and i must say that i dont feel that kolonopin is very effective in treating anxiety. I will recommend what i take bc this is the best so far: i take buspar for anxiety(buspirone is generic) if u take it on an empty stomach u will definetly get the most intense effect but i suggest eating like a snack after its kicked in. It feels like it comes in and arrests the neggative thoughts and they evapporate. Then i take serroquel at night combined with ambien. Trust me baby those racing thoughts wont stand a chance with that stuff! You will most certainly knock out and if u have a brain chemistry like mine you will have vivid symbolic dreams that will motivate you upon waking and remembering them. I take 50mg.seroquel and 10mg ambien per day..but if u havent started yet u may need to try 1/2 that. Be careful in beginning its strong make sure u are ready for bed or in bed already when u take it. I think mine is the best advice so far. Lastly i suggest googling the most influential, talented, and intelligent people who have contributed to mankind in all of history. Read their biographies..memmorize their quotes. Understand their struggles and how they pushed through to become more than ordinary. This will definetly give you a boost. Youre on the computer all the time anyway..shit u could lay in bed and google the info on your phone like im doing now. We have it so much easier than alot of people. Bamb! Thats appreciation right there for you..see? And thats how you feel good ….ahh yeeeahh!!!!

  82. Wow, in your state of depressed boredom, you wrote a more interesting blog entry and got more comments from people than I ever have. You’re a highly effective person for someone with no energy or motivation to do anything 🙂

  83. Hey there, just be careful with how your feeling, do your self a favor and just mention this to your doctor, as it sounds like you could have depression, depression comes in many different forms, its not actually what we think it is… I am going through a time where I have no modivation what so ever, all I want to do is sleep, dread family, kids, grand kids, and friends coming over because it cuts into my relaxation or sleep time… love my job but hate the people I work for and can’t just leave my job.. So don’t feel there is much way out just yet.. love my life and my husband they are not the problem… I’m normally an active person and enjoy puttering around doing things I’m classed as obsessive with house work.. but for the past few months I don’t want to do anything.. Hate getting up for work.. No one likes getting up for work but this is more than just not wanting to get up… Please do your self a favor and seek help.. Its mental depression and nothing to be ashamed off… we all go through some form of it in our life… Good Luck.. Chin up you don’t have to feel this way.. And if your put on some form of medication you don’t have to be on it for long it is well worth trying..

  84. Hi to all……
    My story is also similar liek urs….
    but the worst part is that i know the solution of my problem ,still i am not doing anything about it ,i am very lazy and i am a software develper ….but i think wakeing up early really helps and if somebody is in such kind of relationship where he doesnt know anything about landing ,without any break up you can just stop gradully be wth taht person and trust me if u dont want to be wth that person you can really help urself.
    And second thing is that get soem exitement in your life liek going to a ccd alone late nite sitting tehr for hrs wth a book or lap top …do something which u have never done before in life …like start doing little make up…change you

  85. Do something which u have never done in life
    Like sit in CCD dont worry if you are alon e
    enjoy your own company …..
    jus be urself dont try to change yourself ….
    try to do sm experiment wth your looks….
    and leave the rest the thinking part on others ..;)

  86. Hi, I also feel the same way. And have lost all hope. It has been this way for two years. And a few minutes ago I decided to google, “I have no energy”. And It led me to this blog. I wish I had an answer for it. But I don’t. I hope you find a solution. All I can say is, I sympathize with you. I also wondered what you do online. I have been researching online jobs, I’m a stay at home mother. And am looking to make some of my own money. Seeing as times are hard etc… I have tried various ones, and just found myself being ripped off in the end. If you find the chance, please email me at vickiil2003@yahoo.com Thank you.

  87. I am 22 years old, but I feel old and tired. Being 22 is supposed to be the best time of anyone’s life. I have recently migrated to another country and felt very much isolated. I find it depressing that my friends and loved ones back home move on with their lives, enjoying themselves to the best of their abilities, while I’m stuck in this country with no friends and no job and no meaningful connections whatsoever. I find refuge in sleep. I have become unmotivated. I used to write stories, but now, the need to write is there but I have no motivation to begin anything. My days are spent browsing the internet, doing chores, sleeping long hours. I feel that so much of my time are not being put to good use. I hate myself for being idle. I’m so saturated with loneliness that I can’t even describe what I feel properly. I think I’ve lost it.

  88. This is the first time ive seen a site like this and its so lovely to know im not alone. In an apologetic sad way I feel better knowing most of you are or have been to that inbetween place where we do not feel in control of our lives. I would say my entire life apart from death in the family I was one of the most motivated, positive, happy go lucky people anyone would want to meet. Our family were not wealthy but we always got to the seaside every year and went camping in our second hand caravan a happy childhood. Ive always worked and enjoyed it, met most of my best friends in jobs ive worked, had a great family with cools sisters. I have the most wonderful husband in the world. Ive been on cracking holidays and had fun fun fun nearly everywhere Ive been. Disney World Florida is one of the happiest places in the world and I dare anyone to say otherwise. Ive been many times on vacation as well as other places. I have been a Nurse for a few years now, went to Uni and did my 3 years to gratuate. My dream was to come to America which I have finally done 5 months ago. Wham. what’s happened? I am miserable, I have no motivation at all, I get angry with myself sitting watching tv or on the computer and argue saying get off your butt and go do something, go for a walk, go to the gym, go walk around the mall but no 2 hrs later im still here. I go to bed about 2 or 3am struggling to sleep. I get up tired and say, right today Im gonna do this or that, nope, doesnt happen. Everything is an effort. I am even avoiding speaking with people closest to me as they are back home and I don’t want them to worry about me. Im worried about me. Ive put on so much weight, I cant get a job, so many obsticals, hurdles I keep trying to get over and then another 10 pop up aaaahhhh. I used to be so organised too and that’s gone out the window too. I do things do it again and get annoyed with myself. Im doubting me too and I hate that feeling, something picking at me every day taking away the nice person I used to be and love. I’m so fortunate to have all I have and grateful for it too but why can’t I get this negativity, loneliness, sadness, demotivated, angry feeling out of my head, which I may add feels like there is a million things going on and I can control it even to slow it down to pick things out. AAhhh sorry, basically I want to do so much but Im not doing anything. I watched a whole season of a TV show the other day, not proud of it.

  89. hello.. I can also relate to all above,,,
    I am a single mom, unemployed. 🙁 I have been searching for employment for months on end with no luck at all. Im constantly tired, no energy, no motivation, and on top of that am currently overweight which in turn has me disgusted with myself.

    I never feel like doing anything… for instance.. right now i want a tim hortons coffee, i havent had one in days… its 2 blocks away and the dread of having to put on my coat, go out side in the cold grey weather and walk and get a coffee is totally repulsing… I would much rather stay home , where i am comfortable and warm.. and make my own damn coffee…
    and about the job hunting… I have literally applied to every job that I am qualified for online… and a few in person… and not a single place has called me for even an interview… which just makes me want to give up all together…

    i dont feel depressed or sad or anything like that… I simply feel tired and lazy with no energy or motivation…

    im just rambling at this point… so here is where i will stop! lol

  90. Put your hope in Jesus our Lord and Savior. I feel the same way as all of you have stated. When I cry out to Jesus he always lifts me up out of the pit of despair. I may go back down again but he is surely there to pull me out if I just ask with all my heart. It’s hard to live in this cycle but at least I know I can always count on Jesus to save me. There is no way I could ever do it on my own, my hope rests in Him and Him alone. I will pray for all of you in hope you will find comfort in His loving arms as well.

  91. I am 62 I just can’t seem to get out of my room I am working 2 days a week Than I just look at my t,v, eat pizza and.
    Sleep. I try every day saying I am going to the gym I will stop
    Eating junk please god help me I read one line that sead
    Just DO TI jUST DO It. God help me tomrrow.

  92. —– please I need someone to push me I to just go to
    The gym I belong to bally. And I allways love to work out I
    Gained 40lb,I need to take. It of now Aiaboni50@gmail,com

  93. Depression is simply a deep impression left on your psyche (maybe by some sweetheart from the distant past). Now that impress is like a scar that has become purulent and is rotting away without any healing being done to erase its deleterious effects. Go out in the fresh open air and walk about. Find serendipitous objects of desire like a round pebble, an eagle’s feather, a bottle cap or even a leaf or flower that you can leave between the reams of a book and thus that object might serve as a reminder of beauty later on when you open that book to the right page. And one more thing never let go of your dreams. They are what keep you alive and hopeful. You must fight just to keep them inspirational. You will be happy by the by with the passage of time for time is indeed a great healer.

  94. I’ve been feeling immensely unmotivated once again the past few days, and it’s a regular cycle with me. Well, maybe not unmotivated in a blanket sense; I have lots of motivation to spend all day surfing the net, reading and learning about things. But of the things I actually need to do at home and at work – nope, not one bit of motivation. I must say, reading all these replies has created some perverse shadenfreude motivation at its best. It’s like, reading all of your all-too-familiar stories makes me think, “Hey, I’m stronger than all y’all, I can get through this, I’ll show you!” (Georgia accent included). So now I’m actually feeling motivated! And guilty about the shadenfreude! Unfortunately, it’s bedtime, so I can’t really do anything now, even though I suddenly feel like it.

    Where is that childhood joy and ambition and novel excitement I used to know with ease? I wish I knew. I have some family on a farm in Tennessee that I visit from time to time, and when I’m there I feel wonderful. Doing real, physical work, shoveling, carrying, interacting with animals – I actually feel like a real person doing something real that matters – Much unlike the computer database junk comprising my “real” job. As some have said above, I think our “advanced” society’s shift in work away from true and recognizable needs to this detached cloud of “who gives a —“ jobs is leading more than a few to the loony bin.

    But, if there’s one thing I’ve found that helps me, it’s volunteering. If I can drag myself out of my pajamas, I do Habitat for Humanity from time to time, or sort donated food at a local pantry. I always feel so much better afterward, and the high from it keeps me going for a few days after. So you’d think I’d make a habit of it, but, well, that no-motivation thing starts back up again. I do know what helps. I just need to do it more often.

  95. I also have to second reply #97. Give Jesus a chance! Seriously. I was a depressed, near-suicidal mess 10 years ago when through the kindness and persistence of friends, I was led to know Jesus, and the power He brings to me on the inside. I have no idea how it works, and I would have considered myself the last person to go that direction, but I know firsthand and promise you all, there is real power there in God’s love. I still battle depression and non-motivation, but turning to God, and knowing and living out love through faith reliably pulls me through.

    And for those of you who are bored, surfing the net, surf over to a radio show called “Unshackled”. It’s an old-timey-styled show that acts out true stories of people who have overcome ridiculously bad lives and other problems. The style can come across as a bit hokey at first if you’re not accustomed to it, but really, please give it a chance! I love listening to it, and I always feel better after (and more motivated!).

  96. Jesus is the only answer. How can anyone truly enjoy and understand creation, but by knowing it’s creator? I have struggled with the same issues quite frequently in the past couple of years. There are times when I literally find no enjoyment in the sunshine, the wind, or the trees-and these things used to intrigue me to no end. But, when I seek to know the Father by reading my bible and through prayer, this unmotivated state flees. As Christians we all have a cause in life (a common purpose) to be disciples. We are to go into the world as fishermen. With this knowledge, there is a provided vision and a new outlook on life. It puts EVERYTHING in perspective when you know you have a purpose and position to fill. As believers,

    2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

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  98. I’ve felt all of this and unmotivated for a long time. I’m at home all day and work from home (which I totally procrastinate completing), and I just want to do nothing. I don’t even have the energy or motivation to WANT to think about changing or getting better. I feel guilty, completely worthless, a horrible mom and wife, and just plain bored. I just feel empty and like I don’t care about anything anymore. Some days I realize I am wasting my life away, doing nothing. But for the previous three months, I volunteered to coach a recreational fast pitch softball team (I played in high school and some in college). Even though I fall into slumps like the one I’m in now, the worthless, empty, unmotivated person – I am a competitive person. And the team of girls depended on me- completely – to run the practices and coach every game. You can’t let them down and it’s more effort to avoid doing it (cancelling a practice because you’re unmotivated takes a long time to let each player know ahead of time, and then to reschedule it, so you might as well go.) I never had time to get bored. The girls looked up to me and counted on me to help them. It was an amazing experience and I am going to do it again next Spring. Until then… I just don’t know. Maybe that is why I feel so awful – because the season was so busy, we were practicing or playing 4-5 times a week and then all of the sudden the season ends and you never see the families again (until next season). So maybe the abrupt change made a big difference in the severity of this boredom, unmotivated state of nothingness. I guess my point is – are you good at something? Then volunteer to coach or give lessons in your local community. It will force you to do things and you will feel happy about it afterward.

  99. going through the same thing as alot of you.please if you are a man get your testosterone levels checked this could save u frome a life of misery

  100. I got here after a meander through the following search string: “Why do I have no ambition?”, “Why does the world feel so overwhelming?”, “What’s wrong with me, I can’t get out of my own way”…

    October ’08 was my Waterloo. I pretty much divide my life by pre- and post-’08. Up until then life was good – not great – but good. I’m now a stay-at-home dad to my son who I love very much. My wife is awesome. She works out of the house; locks herself into her office for hours and happily goes about making a good wage. She really is incredible; beautiful, much smarter than me, and complains rarely except for her concerns about my lack of interest in life. My only complaint there is that she has never felt the need for much social contact. Me … I fought it for a long time, but, now I don’t want or need outside social contact, either.

    I can’t help myself but pay-scale has always been an issue for me. I’ve never admitted this to her and am now admitting it to myself probably for the first time. When I was making $70k yearly, she was making $120+. When I made around $100k, she made something like $300k. We never really discussed it much, I honestly didn’t have exact figures because I didn’t want them. The only time I ever knew was a quick glance when signing tax documents from the accountant.

    So then ’08 happens. I was an instrumental part in my dad’s homebuilding business. That ended. I had huge personal credit lines so I took an advance on one of my cards for $25k and traded stocks. I lost it. I started a subcontracting business with my brothers. The business is still going relatively well, but there’s not enough in it for all of us. I bowed out. Honestly, my heart wasn’t in that, anyways.

    I guess that’s about it as far as how I got where I am. My wife now has traded money for security and is making less than $100k which is tight because of my failures and the house we’re in. Me, I’m making nothing. I still trade futures but hold my own most days to give a little on that eventual down day. I’m hooked on it and wish I could give it up and go find something else that would actually pay the bills. At the moment, I took enough of a hit recently that I promised myself I’d take a week off. I did and today is the last day of the week, but, now I can’t even work up the interest to trade so I’ll probably take next week off too.

    What I have to look forward to: The credit card debt was bought by one of those junk debt buyers and now they’re taking me to court. I’ll be acting as my own attorney since I can’t pay for one. My rental house is in foreclosure since the tenants got behind and I didn’t have enough interest or zeal for life to kick them out and get a paying tenant in.

    The day before yesterday I promised myself I’d go and ask a few questions at a company regarding their source for a product I can manufacture. I pretty much know that their source has dried up so it’s a good shot. Yesterday I procrastinated. Today, so far, too. I talked to a contact and have a ready-made company I can take over and run if I just want to fill the shoes. I mean I can still see opportunities around me; the problem is I can’t get out of my own way. Just registering my car the other day took a mountain of effort for me. Today insuring it, if I get around to it, is another mountain. The car just sat in the garage for like a year now. Somebody above mentioned past hurt as a de-motivater. I feel this is me. I haven’t had a phone for so long I really don’t want one again. No friends that I want to unload my troubles on. It’s just easy to check out. I want to just sit and mope like an overgrown infant.

  101. Hi Sinking Ship,

    Thanks for your comment.

    It sounds like you’re in a classic depressed mood: loss of interest, low energy, low motivation, not much desire to live.

    You mentioned things fell apart in 2008. I think it’s possible you’ve been in and out of depression since then, or in a prolonged state of Dysthymia.

    Some people tell me, “The world changed in 2008. The economy tanked. Many people are in tough shape. Some lives were disrupted, some ruined, while others seemingly made it through without too much damage.”

    Even though people mean well when they make these comments, when YOU are the one in the middle of a mess, it doesn’t make you feel any better that many others are in the same boat. Probably worse.

    First, I’d count my blessings: it sounds like you have a wonderful, dutiful wife and great kid. That’s an important support structure even if the phone doesn’t ring for a night out on the weekend.

    Second, I would highly suggest taking a break from stock market ventures, especially if financed by your credit card. I wouldn’t say you have a gambling problem, but I would say you are the type of person that needs to feel stimulated and high risk financial ventures are not in the cards at the moment.

    Finally, please see a therapist, even if it means you must keep it to yourself for a couple months. Your wife will be happy that you’re seeking help. More importantly, you might be able to get treatment for any physiological problems (depression, bi-polar, etc.). If you have none of these, remember that good therapists spend 8-10 hours a day working with people to improve their lives. They might not have all the answers but they may have some suggestions for restructuring your current existence into one that is more productive.

    I’m helpless when it comes to social situations, so I can’t offer any advice there, other than finding groups of people in your field of expertise online that meet in person if you live in a metro area.

    Your family will appreciate your sincere effort to make a positive change.

  102. Hello Admin,

    Thank you. To get a well-reasoned, helpful, response to a comment 4 years after the original post is a pleasant surprise. A lot of my reason for writing was just to get my conflicted feelings out of my own head and onto paper (or electrons). I would say how I felt when I wrote that was the lowest point I’ve been in many years, probably ever. A few days later, I’m still dealing with feeling demotivated with a sense of confusion but not to where I don’t want to do anything about it at all.

    I feel that a lot of what you wrote is spot-on. I’m glad you started with counting my blessings. That’s something I try to do. I don’t want to kick the cat, so to speak. My family definitely doesn’t deserve that. There are times where I feel that asking for my wife’s hand is the only great decision I’ve made in my life.
    [ Parenthetical injection: Something that stuck with me since childhood – My uncle would listen to Zig Ziggler motivational tapes. One of the stories was about a man who has a run-in with his boss at work. He comes home and yells at his wife. She in turn scolds her child. The child walks out of the house and on his way through the door turns and gives the cat a swift kick. The moral being to face your problems or that negative energy will just go towards kicking the cat while ruining many innocent parties along the way. ]

    Regarding trading in equities and futures; Yes, I am a person that needs to be intellectually stimulated. I don’t do well without the belief that I’m moving forward in some manner or other. Yes, my initial foray into stock trading was with a cash advance from a credit card. I shake my head at myself on that one. I hate gambling as far as something like poker in a casino is concerned. Mostly, because I know the house always wins in the end; it’s a losers game. Now how does that translate in my brain to the equity markets that we all know are rigged? Hmmm. Could you expound a bit on what you mean about high-risk financial ventures not being in the cards at the moment? I mean, it’s all I know. My background is real estate. Building and selling housing developments or even a single house is much higher risk with much higher stakes than repeated attempts to get a footing with $5k in futures in the current hell-hole of a financial environment we’re living through. I’m not the only one in this mess. Virtually every contact I know has the same story. I’ve tried simple things like different sub-trades but the prices for the work are so low that I can’t visualize digging out of my hole going down that route. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m convincing myself to remain sitting on this couch. Maybe I’m a know-it-all that can’t take help when it’s given. I just need something that I can see a glimmer of hope. One thing, F*** Obama! Bush too. See there; I get this righteous wrath kind of feeling and I know that’s a cop-out too. I get all irritated at Hank Paulson, and Goldman Sachs and private equity firms, etc, etc, to the point it’s just a bore.

    I really just need something I can do to pay the bills without having to spend years and money getting an education on that may or may not pay in the future.

    I had to google Dysthymia and I’d give it a definite maybe as a self-diagnosis. I’m not sure I’m willing to go spend afternoons on a therapist’s couch at this point but I’ll file it away as something I may revisit at some later date.

    I’ll be re-reading your comments. A lot of what I wrote would be what I’d have to say is unscripted or off-script. Thank you for your response. I don’t take it lightly.

  103. postscript:

    I don’t mind that I went political in the above only to show where my emotional state goes at times. That was written with my wife hurrying me to take my son out for a drive so he can fall asleep while I was trying to finish my thought. I wouldn’t write it again. I try to be mostly apolitical. I do have a real problem in that I feel a need for order to be restored. I need to see justice being served; perp walks on wall street, etc. Things like Jon Corzine screwing over so many with no consequences just makes my blood boil. I do see my own hypocrisy in this area, too. There are times for love and forgiveness, but, that can only happen with a framework of justice dictating what is wrong and what is right to start with. Otherwise confusion (like I’m feeling now) reigns.

  104. I have spent the last 5 hours reading, searching for my solution to my lack of motivation and energy. A lot of great advice, opinions and stories. I have found that reading others stories can be a motivator …. Sometimes.
    A little about me: once an optimistic. Very energetic person. Used to think depressed people were silly, but now being a few months to 40 and have been through a few bumps in the road along the way I now know it to be a very debilitating disease or dead end. I do not have depression, have not contemplated suicide or even thoughts of not wanting to live. I on the other hand know that life is a blessing and it’s what you make it, choice to be happy, but I too don’t have the passion, energy, motivation i need to do the things I want to do. My mind and body does not seem to be in sync with itself. I have goals, a 5 year plan, a long list of self improvements but seem to just let time pass not getting much done. I am a single mother with 2 boys. I work full time and am incredibly lucky to have the job i have, but am so bored and unhapoy with it. I am happy being single. I mind it and have people who love me. I appreciate the things I have yet kick myself for the things I don’t accomplish. Outsiders look at me as having it all together but I see something else. I thought my problem was nutrition and exercise, so I started juicing raw veggies and fruits. Mostly veggies and eating healthy. I cut back on caffeine/coffee to yh point that i could function reasonably without it. I also started seeing personal trainer exercising 2 a week thinking it would be the answer to my problems and will give me my natural energy and motivation back to where I can initiate my own workout. Notta! None of it worked. 6 months later here I am, but I guess I have learned that it ruled that out, so it has to be in my head, how my brain is working. I considered depressive medicines and my two dr ‘s were very insistent to prescribe it to be even though I have no real depression issues; ie: suicidal thoughts, ect…
    I think it has to do with so many factors, like what we’ve been through, our stress factor and society so much technology and mindless tv, games, distractions. But then again, what I have been through compared to others is nothing and I shouldnt even feel the way I do.
    On my agenda is trying the herbal remedies, exercise- forcing myself to at least to take my dogs for a walk. Eating healthy as in juicing veggies and limiting my sugar intake (I’ve found this to be a huge factor in our lives- we are drained out by sugar intake- google it) do you know that we should have a max of 40 grams daily or less, but we are drinking that just in our big gulp sodas. Sorry to get off topic. I am making lists of things needed to do, and 3 is the magic number! I try and accomplish 3 tasks, eat 3 veggies, 3 fruits, and exercise 30 minutes a day and now try and limit my sugar to 30 grams daily. So if your thinking this is too overwhelming. Make it small: 3 things can be as simple for some as just getting out of bed, taking a shower, making breakfast for your kids, writing your to do list, lol! Remember it’s an accomplishment and you should recognize it.
    I found this website rather insightful:

    1. Hello Wishing4Freedom,

      Thanks for your comment, it is appreciated.

      You sound like a very motivated and competent person. Your interest in good nutrition also indicates you’re willing to sacrifice some of the things most people enjoy, i.e. fast food, chips, large doses of candy, etc. so that you keep yourself in shape and functioning at high capacity. You recognize there is a both a structure and randomness to life, and have created an existence that adequately provides for you and your children, even though it might not be optimal. That’s a big achievement right there.

      I find my life tends to run best when I have a structured weekly plan, regular things to do, and some long term goals and ambitions. Some people might find my daily routine boring, if not prison like, but it suits me even if I don’t stop and smell the roses much. Sometimes I need to step back when my daily routine becomes so onerous that I am not truly living in the present, but far into the very much unknown future. The problem with living in the future is when something unexpected happens that disrupts that planned future and your life goes another way. Then you’ve spent weeks, if not months or years, making sacrifices for a goal that is now not relevant.

      On your list of things to do, give yourself 30 minutes of “whatever” time. After you’ve spent the day working, raising your children, exercising, and eating right, it’s not surprising your energy levels are low. Self discipline requires immense focus and energy.

      Give yourself permission to feel tired and need rest. Are there people that can go non-stop for years on end until they’re millionaires and retired? Sure, but there are only 24 hours in a day and they make cuts (sacrifices) that once gone are lost forever. If humans didn’t need sleep, I suppose we’d be 8 hours more successful each day, but that’s not how it works. An appropriate amount of downtime is necessary for maintaining your spirit during uptime.

      Find a weekly TV show you like and watch it, alone or with your family. Spend an hour in another world, so to speak. Allow your mind to rest and feel hungry again for the next day. Alternatively, drop the kids off with a friend or family member and spend 2 hours alone walking through a park, mall, or relaxing on the beach. See what comes to mind as truly important to you when you actually give yourself a few moments to breath.

  105. Hi,
    I have depression and also self harm. At the moment I have no motivation and wish I would not wake up in the morning the day is just a curse. Its bad because its a hole thats getting deeper

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you are seeking treatment for your depression and self harm. Obviously when your motivation levels are low it can be hard to get out of bed, let alone find a therapist or psychiatrist for medication.

      Everyone’s personal circumstances are unique, but realize that if you’re self harming, the rest of your life needs to be put aside until you feel better.

      That means taking an immediate vacation from work, break from school, or time away from a difficult home life. If work or school help you feel more productive, continue both of them, but inform teachers and superiors that you will continue to be present and take care of regular tasks, but can’t commit yourself to anything more.

      Use the extra time you have to talk to someone in confidence and get help. If school or work has a problem with it, tell them they can f*ck off: would they rather you return to your normal life refreshed and more level in a month, or need an emergency commitment to a psych ward? (I’ve been there under similar situations, and believe me, the school will be much more embarrassed).

      Put yourself first now more than ever. You’ll be grateful later.

  106. Thanks for your reply. I am recieving medical treatment at the moment. I was very close to being sectioned but it was decided I would be better off being treated at home.
    I know Ive got to fight the way I feel but its hard.
    I’m off sick at the moment and the decision on whether I,m fit for work is no longer in my hands. This also causes a lot of anxiety as I feel I,ve lost control.
    Seeing a medical practitioner on Friday for another session. I’m also having CBT treatment.
    As for today I’ve spent most of it sleeping again with little motivation.
    My wife insisted I went for a walk and I did go but there was not really any enjoyment there. I was pushing myself along.This seems to be my life now just one long struggle to do the things I used to enjoy.

  107. hi, so I just typed in “depression no motivation” to my search engine and was sent to this blog…wow. I have been epileptic for 40 years, and in 2011/2012 I had a “breakdown” so to speak. Doctor messed with my drugs, and all the sudden I was sent to a psychologist. I couldn’t afford him and I lost my job so I had no insurance. I though I was getting better when I took myself off the weirdest of the anti convulsants that my doctor had prescribed. Then just in the last year or so I’ve had incredible difficulty with motivation. Nothing seems to be even remotely interesting enough or urgent enough to get me moving..I think about death all the time almost watching the clock and seeing time pass waiting for the end…Then my son, who impulsively joined the military was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and will be sent home within the month. Home to this house. We are all dramatic, my daughter has emotional problems, my son has a genetic disorder, and my husband? well he has anger issues and self esteem issues and was never really “fatherly” to the kids. I’ve enjoyed acting in the past, creative outlets, but now I make plans to audition or agree to take part in something and just drop those plans or make some excuse as to why I can’t. I went back to school to become a special education teacher, and finally got my first job during the 2011/2012 period I had the mini breakdown. Now I just can’t apply and know no one would want to hire me anyway..my student loan bills are over 60,000 because while I was going to school I still had to be the breadwinner and we kept having to take the extra money…geez there are times when I just can’t see ever getting out of this mess. My husband works but nothing consistent, I used to be the “consistent” income, but now I can’t seem to work. I had a small part time job and got fired because I forgot to lock the front door at the end of the day. stupid. I keep wanting to just run away – funny to think of running away as a mother of two sixteen year olds and a twenty year old who just celebrated her 51st birthday. Anyway, reading that others have the same thoughts and feelings is GREAT – sick I know, but thank god we aren’t alone right? Misery loves company as the saying goes and as long as we can read that someone else made it through another day, maybe just maybe we can too. My best to every single one of you on this post, thank you so much for sharing and leaving a space for me to share.

  108. was introverted and had 2 friends all the way up to 15. at 15 the girl i liked and grew up with fucked a guy randomly in a hotel. read the catcher in the rye that year and totally related. was sent to christian school and spent 4 years being the schools nerd. graduated valedictorian out of 7 people. went to college and dropped out because i wasnt ready, was nervous with social anxiety, and wasnt sure about life much less a major. didnt know that working in america gets u fucking nowhere. ended up working at a restaurant where everyone there did drugs so for a year at 19 i did drugs. then i quit, prayed to god for forgiveness and decided to work and try to get somewhere. i spent 12 years looking for love and found nobody. turned 31 a couple days ago and looked back on my life and i have basically went from one shit factory to the next making dimes all along the way. i wake up and feel like all the doors are closed plus i want life to be more than just fucking getting by and having kids. WHERE IS THE FUCKING ADVENTURE? WHERE IS A MANS FREEDOM WITHOUT ANOTHER MAN FUCKING WITH HIM? WHY IS LIFE JUST A BIG WAGE SLAVE SYSTEM? NOW WHAT DO I DO? SPEND THE NEXT 30 YEARS TRYING TO GET A GIRLFRIEND AND A JOB LIKE I DID THESE PAST 30? FUCK THAT I QUIT

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry for your troubles.Here’s a different view of your situation: you’re 30-something, single, with no kids. You have no one depending on you for support other than yourself, unless you are helping family members or your parents.

      You have minimal commitments. I’m in the same boat, and although I do get tired of being lonely and ignored, there is some freedom that comes with NOT being a parent, married, or forced to pay other people’s bills.

      The job market in the USA (and many other places) sucks. Submit your resume or offer your skills ANYWHERE just to get money through the door. Again. you have no family or kids to support, so you can take employment risks others your age can’t.

      Don’t forget that some in their 30s are in crappy marriages and wondering why they actually had kids. Children are a blessing and a joy, but one must have them for the right reasons.

      There’s light at the end of the tunnel. You’re not done yet.

  109. I had my first kid at 43 – What a blessing she is. I’m Sooooooooooo glad I waited.
    My “ducks are not necessarily in order” but I have new meaning.

    Life has it’s ups and downs of course.

    I’ve been (and still do get) in a rut, depressed, etc…

    I lack motivation to do anything right now.

  110. You can’t sleep because you’re taking naps in the middle of the day!

    Everything else I can relate to, I have a similar home job, although I’m not really bored; but listless on a macro scale is a good description description for sure.

    Also similarly I lack energy and motivation. I think it’s due largely to no exercise and long periods of social isolation. I also think that depression (situational, not chemical) also plays a role in my lack of energy.

  111. I feel tired all the time. I have a lot to do but no energy. I will set my alarm for 11am tomorrow, I have a lot to do.

  112. I think it is wonderful that the above people think you can will your way out of this blue funk. But I can;t. I have zero energy. I can’t remember the last time I had a good time doing anything. (high school maybe) I have no ambition, don’t want to clean my house, don’t want to go anyplace, don’t want to do crafts, which I used to love. NOTHING, JUST NOTHING. I feel like a lazy cow. Never been that way before, but going on my 4th year of this crap. I am all ready for the adder all prescription. I take meds for everything else, why not that. I am sick of it I want to be up and cheerful for my grandkids, but don’t have a drop of energy to even fake it. It this wonderful world where we go to the moon, etc, there has to be something legal we can all take and be happy and energetic. Someone find something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Seems we have plenty of company…I think its symptomatic of depression which I have been in treatment for for years…have dealt with severe anxiety and depression my whole life…if I lived in a right to die state I would petition to get the pills on some days as they just seem unbearable at times.

  114. I am basically always bored, find nothing interesting, and I neither like nor trust other people.

  115. I was given Adderall 20mg twice a day and Zoloft and been on it for three months and it doenst help with the drained,non motivated and just blah feelings…. I can’t even enjoy anything and I try to force my self then I just quit cause it doenst work!

  116. I found this page (using google terms “unmotivated, lazy, bored”). At the moment it is so damb diffucult to get the shit done, even get out off bed.

  117. its 3am, cant sleep, got bored reading the first couple of comments, guess i have to move on watch something or play a game to pass the time

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