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  • Top General BPD Websites

    • 1. www.borderlinepersonality.ca - Site with broadcast of thoughts on BPD, extensive list of articles by A.J. Mahari regarding BPD, available for purchase. Books available for purchase.

    • 2. www.biologicalunhappiness.com - Dr. Leland M. Heller's vast website of information regarding BPD, diagnosis, characteristics, and medical research

    • 3. www.bpdcentral.com - A great array of resources for both BPD's and families/partners, ranging from articles, books, to critiques of other works

    • 4. www.mentalhealth.com - A site geared towards clinicians, doctors, and researchers. Many articles, studies, and recent work

    • 5. www.mhsanctuary.com - Mental Health Sanctuary Borderline Section, list of resources, doctors, commercial books and web communities

    • 6. www.borderlinepersonalitytoday.com - BPD Today a community website with articles, stories, and expert commentary

    • 7. www.bpdworld.org - A well layed out website organized into various informational sections, treatment, Menthal Health Act Implications

    • 8. www.bpddemystified.com - BPD Demystified, a nice site with a complete Overview, Outlook, and treatment for those with BPD

    • 9. www.nimh.nih.gov - National Institute of Mental Health main website - broad based and comprehensive mental health information

    • 10. www.mentalhelp.net - A general Mental Health website covering various conditions and addictions

    • 11. www.mhchat.org - Mental Health Chat and Message Board, covering many mental health topics, BPD, depression, and more

    • 12. www.borderlineresearch.org - Borderline Personality Disorder Research Foundation: About the disorder, various articles, resources

    • 13. www.laurapaxton.com - Author of Borderline and Beyond, Laura Paxton, lists a number of BPD resources broken down by various characteristics of BPD

    • 14. borderlinepersonalitydisorder.com - National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder - suggested reading and prominent BPD research, books, and notes

    • 15. www.nami.org - NAMI (National Allican on Mental Illness) Summary of BPD, Links, and other websites with relevant information

    • 16. www.google.com - Google Directory of BPD websites

    • 17. www.revolutionhealth.com - Revolution Health BPD Page, with articles and links to related disorders and treatments