Who would star in a Borderline Personality Movie?

Here’s a post on a lighter note: who would star in a movie with BPD as its central theme? More importantly, how would the story be told? Would it be sensational and overly dramatic, or more factual in its approach to BPD? I actually think a movie about a character with BPD is long overdue. There’s be movies about autistic savants, schizophrenics, and of course about every movie about a serial killer revolves around some psychotic character. Unfortunately, there hasn’t be much mention of BPD in mainstream media, save a passing thought on Law and Order: SVU, the Discovery Channel, and the typical armchair talk shows like Dr. Phil.

If I were doing a movie on BPD, I’d suggest a plot that develops over the childhood and early adulthood of a particular character. BPD is generally most apparent in the late adolescent/young adult period, so I think this chronology would impress the audience the most. Further, I would want something that features BPD; and not just a sub-plot or supporting character that the audience sees once or twice.

Here are my candidates for the cast of a BPD movie. They are right off the cuff and just random thoughts. In reality, there´s probably dozens of actors that could portray BPD on the big screen. I just think the following would probably do it the best:

Female Leading Actresses:

  • Meryl Streep – She would make the perfect middle aged person coming out of depression or BPD. If she was casted, I would stipulate that a younger actress portray early adulthood first, to establish a baseline for Streep to work with.
  • Marcia Gay Harden – She has the appearance of a struggling mother/divorcee, and I think she would be perfect as a BPD sufferer.
  • Mariska Hargitay – The famed actress from Law and Order SVU could easily portray a sexy female afflicted with BPD. Hargitay also has the ability to convey genuine emotions, and this would be central to the any BPD role.
  • Anne Hathaway – Although she’s usually type cast in Jane Eyre style roles, I think she could do a good job as a mid-30s woman trying to keep her life together despite being ravaged by BPD and depression. She would connect with some women immediately.
  • Angelina Jolie – Jolie is always at the top of any list for just about ANY movie, but I think a BPD role would be one of her finest. She combines sensuality, disillusionment, and anger in a very unique way, and this talent would serve her well in a BPD drama.

Male Leading Actrors:

This list was a little harder to create, in part because Male BPD takes on some different characteristics from female sufferers. All in all, however, there is much in common between both sexes.

  • Sean Penn – He can be witty, hysterical, angry, and ambitious. I think he would do well as a BPD male living with depression and perhaps a drug or alcohol addiction. He would be a perfect divorced father trying to keep his life in order.
  • Tom Cruise – Cruise has the over developed ego that might kid the audience into thinking he´s suffering from Narcissistic disorder, when in fact I think he could pull off BPD quite well.
  • Mickey Rourke – Although he wouldn’t fit the mold of a sophisticated BPD sufferer, Rourke could easily portray a regular guy with a substance abuse problem fighting BPD at the same time. He connects with audiences in places where the more photogenic male leads don’t.
  • Andy Garcia – Probably one of the most underrated actors of all time, Garcia has portrayed characters in a number of psychological dramas. He would make a great BPD father or son with a short fuse and emotional disturbances.

That’s it for now, anyone care to add some others to the list?