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Troubled parents will – knowingly or unknowingly – take advantage of their children through manipulation, gas lighting and other psychological ploys. Mom calls, needs help with her student’s math tests My Mom retired from teaching last year. She’s since decided to tutor people. Family friends recently discharged a caretaker who wanted her high school GED. […]

Why do I feel depressed viewing Facebook? The insight isn’t obvious until you realize how inauthentic and incomplete FB posts are. People misrepresent themselves in the following ways: Idealized Self. Who you want the world to know, minus the flaws. Common examples: perfect parent, high achiever, social butterfly, activist, brilliant thinker, athlete, philosopher, traveler, artist […]

One component of Marsha Linehan’s DBT worksheets is the “PLEASE” acronym (see page 2). The final “E” stands for “get regular exercise, working up to 20 minutes a day”. The benefits of consistent exercise cannot be overstated: walking, jogging, biking, weight lifting, swimming and most fitness programs (Crossfit, etc.) can provide immense benefits, both physical […]

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