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Did you watch the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah Winfrey? Both parts of the profound interview are available at Winfrey’s OWN website. While Lance Armstrong most likely does NOT have BPD, he does show a high degree of narcissism; witnessed throughout the interview and his long career as a top cyclist that cheated his way […]

Work obligations prevented me from watching the Presidential Inauguration today, although I did follow it online. The ceremony was uplifting, reassuring, and well organized. President Obama’s address touted his progressive agenda, but also a need for everyone to come to the table. The President said, “Our journey is not yet finished” (paraphrased), which was an […]

I spent much of last week transferring my prescriptions to my Florida pharmacy of choice, coordinating address changes with the insurance company, and paying medical bills due from my usual holiday visits. The prescription transfer was necessary for two reasons: 1) Now that I’m back in the USA, it’s up to me to take full […]

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