Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

I’ve probably written on this topic before, but I think it is worth revisiting: how do you fill the void inside you created by Borderline Personality Disorder? Anyone who has been diagnosed with BPD and debriefed about its characteristics knows what I’m talking about. When you look inside yourself for some core identity or defining […]

I was born in 1979, qualifying me for Generation X status. Growing up, we watched PBS shows like “Sesame Street”, “3-2-1 Contact”, “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”, and of course many cartoon shows like “Transformers”, “He-man”, and “ThunderCats”. One of the common themes in these shows was “You can be anything you want”.

Here’s a problem I’ve had ALL my life: anxiety that leads to acute nausea and sometimes vomiting. Although it isn’t debilitating in the sense that I can’t go about the normal duties of my life, it severely affects my ability to relax, organize my emotions, perform (academically, athletically or musically), and socialize. I know it […]

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