Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

Wednesday will feel just like any other day here in Costa Rica, except I will be going to the hospital used by medical tourists and visiting a new psychiatrist. The main purpose of the visit will be obtaining a holdover supply of Clonazepam. In past blogs I’ve described the rather unpleasant feelings associated with coming […]

Once in a while I do a search for “borderline personality males” using Google, just to see what comes up. BPD is mostly thought of as a condition that women develop. In fact, about 2/3’s of BPD patients in out-patient care are women. That makes borderline men a slightly rarer group, although recent research is […]

One component of BPD I struggle with is isolation. I tend to push myself away from others for stupid reasons, most often being that I feel I am in competition with them. As a result, I don’t connect well with people and don’t maintain friendships unless I really work hard at them. Some people thrive […]

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