Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

I’ve probably mentioned that every 90 days, I have to leave Costa Rica per immigration regulations because I’m not a resident of the country. Regulations mandate that I must stay outside the country for 72 hours. More often then not, I end up going to Panama City, Panama. It’s only an one hour flight and […]

A few months ago, I decided to join for the second time. I had previously signed up over 3 years ago, but was “rejected due to no compatible matches being available”. They further stated, “…this[rejection] happens to about 20% of applicants…”. Luckily I was let in this time, for better or for worse. To […]

When my BPD swings into depression mode, sometimes I find it very hard to laugh or smile. I try to watch funny TV shows, surf YouTube, or watch re-runs of popular sitcoms at network TV websites. No matter what it is, once I’m in a low mood, it takes VERY funny jokes or humor to […]