Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

If you’re looking for a BPD guy that has ever stalked, followed, or obsessed over a girl you’re in the right place. I hate to admit it – because many blog readers are female – but I’ve been guilty of stalking behavior, usually unbeknownst to the women I followed. I also find the thought of […]

I don’t have many friends. I really don’t socialize that much. I like being reclusive and hiding out in my apartment taking naps and living life on my own terms. Still, despite this sense of independence, I long for some sort of social life. People call me if there is a wedding, funeral, or emergency. […]

I ran out of Clonazepam about mid-January, due to a confluence of circumstances that prevented me from getting it shipped down to Costa Rica. It was nobody’s fault but my own: I should have renewed the prescription earlier. Instead, I waited until after the Christmas holiday. When I finally did get around to calling the […]