Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

My last two blogs were about the narcissistic tendencies of my Mother. This blog is about my Father and his inability to apologize for his mistakes. You don’t have to be a “feel good” parent or “best friend of your child” parent to apologize when you screw up. To the contrary, I believe it’s even […]

In my previous blog, I described some situations early in my life where my Mom was acting as a narcissistic parent. Most of these situations arose from her need to feel fulfilled, to “live vicariously through her children”. There is one other ploy she used that was quite effective – so effective, in fact, that […]

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply obey your parent. Instead of offering a loving and nurturing environment, they expect you to live out their own goals and desires; and then either approve or disapprove of your life accordingly. This type of behavior can be particularly troubling for children with BPD, who are plagued by feelings […]