Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

That’s a question I ponder often. When the time comes to get married, will I end up settling for a life partner that is “OK” versus the “love of my life”? Likewise, will my partner feel as if she has settled for me (ouch 🙁 , even with the BPD), perhaps for no other reason […]

It seems the pendulum that regulates mood and activity level is always swinging back and forth, sometimes to quite extreme lengths. Over the weekend, I fell into a depression and overall feeling of despair. I starting sleeping Friday night after getting bored of watching TV, slept all Saturday (getting up for the bathroom and food […]

Here’s a little experiment for you, even if you don’t have depression or BPD: the instant you open your eyes in the morning to start your day, try reciting the alphabet backwards as fast as possible. Right away, you’ll probably stumble a bit on a couple letters, and might even forget some altogether. This doesn’t […]