Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

Self mutilation, as a symptom of BPD, is generally a common occurrence. Doctors meet many BPD patients for the first time during a crisis, which might include some form of cutting, burning, or other self imposed physical abuse as a means to either manipulate those around them, or to ease the pain they are feeling […]

The following video is commentary from a doctor regarding the inner workings of the brain in BPD patients. Although the commentary starts out slowly, he eventually concludes that a part of the brain responsible for social interactions is not functioning correctly. Further, he proves this detailing the results of a study between a control group […]

First off, what is social exclusion? Broadly defined, social exclusion is the condition in which some group or sub-culture is not allowed to be apart of the mainstream due to the socio-economic standards, value systems, or interpersonal interactions of the majority population. Social exclusion can be described in many ways, including the struggle which smaller […]

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