Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

In some research, doctors talk about BPD and the propsensity to have rapdily cycling moods. Put simply: one moment you’re up, the next you’re down. Mood changes can be evident every minute, hour, a few hours, or daily. Sometimes external events, such as an argument, or alternatively, a very happy event, will make the BPD […]

Up until the end of high school, I almost never took naps during the day. I was always too busy, active, or doing school work. I did the usual 8 hours per night attempt that High schoolers make, but most of the time it was more like 6.5 to 7 hours in the end. In […]

I watched with awe this evening as Barack Obama was elected president. It was a moving, historic, transcendant, uplifting moment that captured the hope of millions and the need for a new direction in America. I felt good watching the various speeches and events of the evening, happy that I voted absentee so that I […]