Borderline Personality Blog: Healing – Coping – Improving

Almost on a daily basis, my mind plays games with me. It’s almost as if a voice comes out of no where and “challenges” me to do something. If I succeed, I will feel happy and disciplined; if I fail, I will feel weak and unworthy of facing any future challenges. Usually these “challenges” take […]

I haven’t been keeping up with my posting schedule lately, in part because I have been very busy with work. It seems every June one of my webhosting companies folds, and leaves me in the lurch for not only finding a new web host, but also groveling for a refund. Last year at this time, […]

My mother is a teacher at the high school I attended. Her tenure began about 11 years ago when my English teacher unexpectedly died. At the time, my mom was working in the school library, and the principal felt that offering her the job to replace the deceased teacher would help ease the transition process, […]

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